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On most sites now would be the appropriate time for a disclaimer and a suggestion to consult a medical doctor or an attorney. We, on the other hand encourage you to contact a good Catholic priest when you are in need of spiritual direction.

The most recently submitted questions are listed on this page - questions are also posted by category - click the links below based on the category that best fits your question to read through other questions submitted by visitors who comprise a Rosary Community.

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  • How to Pray the Rosary Questions - This section is dedicated to questions concerning how to recite the Rosary. If you are not sure what prayer to say when or which bead correlates with which prayer, or even how to meditate, you may find your answer here.

  • Rosary Mystery Questions - Questions about Rosary Mysteries are posted here. If you are looking for answers about the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious or Luminous Mysteries, this is the best place to start.

  • Rosary Prayer Questions - Dedicated to specific prayer questions relating to the Apostles Creed, the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, the Fatima Prayer, the Hail Holy Queen Prayer, the Breviary Prayer and the St. Michael Prayer.

  • Rosary Media Questions - From videos and virtual Rosaries to audio and mp3 Rosaries, this is the place to look for your Rosary Media Questions.

  • General Rosary Questions - Have an unusual experience to ask about? Have you read something you are not sure about? Those types of questions are found here.

  • Rosary History and Origin Questions - The who, what, where, when and many other why questions are all included in the Rosary History and Origin section.

  • How to Promote the Rosary Questions - Find questions about how you can promote the Rosary.

  • Rosary Jewelry Questions - Dedicated to specific Rosary Jewelry questions about the use of and the availability of rosary bracelets, necklaces and rings.

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Have A Question About The Rosary?

Do you have a question about the Rosary? Ask it here!

Rosary Questions And Answers From Other Visitors

Click on the links below to read the questions and answers other visitors comprising this Rosary Community have contributed...

Can Protestants Pray the Rosary? 
Is it wrong for a Protestant to want to learn to pray the Rosary? And, if it is ok, then where could I go to learn how to do it correctly for my own private …

I Want To Know The Right Day Of Praying The Rosary 
I’ve been praying the rosary since I was a little girl, my grandma and my aunt taught me how to pray, and as what I’ve learned from them, that Monday and …

How To Invite Other To Pray The Rosary? 
What's a good way to invite others to pray the rosary, especially those who've never prayed it. Is it good to explain a lot before beginning?

How To Use Small Rosary With One Decade 
I just received a small rosary from a friend with only the cross one bead for the Our Father and then only 10 beads. How do you pray this type of rosary? …

What is Our Father in Malayalam? 
What is Our Father in Malayalam?

St. Joseph Rosary 
I have this rosary that starts with a St. Joseph medal followed by a purple bead, then Terra de Fatima medal. This is followed by ten white beads, a purple …

Missed Days Praying The Rosary 
Can you help me, what happens if I miss 1 day or 2 days, but I'm devotedly praying the rosary?

Rosary colors 
Other than representing different continents, what can another significance be for each decade being a different color?

Patron Saints on my Rosary 
Hello everyone. I have a couple of rosary's that I have been given to me as gifts and I got one for me for daily use and I was given a patron saint …

What happens of you throw away rosary beads? 
My husband threw away rosary beads we found in a house we moved into and ever since then we have had a spirit where ever we go. Could this be the cause …

Is it correct to pray the rosary DURING Holy Mass?  
I was taught that praying the rosary was a separate prayer from Holy Mass. Parishioners at the parish I currently attend in general are praying the rosary …

When praying the rosary for the benefit of someone else, do I need to pray the entire rosary for them, or just one decade? 
I pray the rosary every morning when I wake up. I pray 1 of the mysteries (5 decades). I am told that the rosary should be prayed to help others who …

Number of decades? 
I have found a 3 decade rosary in my mothers things. Small, as if for a child. I had thought that 5 decades are the standard. Help!

How many intentions can I give before each one is "watered down" by the others? 
I would like to pray for many, many intentions on a rosary, but I'm afraid that listing many means each individual one will not get as much attention. …

Physical sensations while praying The Rosary 
I pray The Rosary daily, usually by myself. When I do it, I feel cold chills and sometimes an itchy sensation in my head, arms and back. What does it mean? …

Would Somebody Take Old Rosaries, Mostly In Pieces? 
I have broken rosaries to give away. They could be used when repairing others. Could somebody take and make use of them please.

Is Re-Gifting A Rosary Okay? 
Can I give someone else I care about a rosary someone gave to me?

Rosary During Mass 
I always take my Rosary to mass with me. (I am male). I fold the beads between my fingers and hold the crucifix in my hand. I do this when receiving Eucharist …

Can We Say Our Needs While Praying The Rosary? 
While praying the rosary can we say our personal needs? If we can when do we say our personal needs while saying the rosary? Thank you

When Do I Say My Needs When Reciting The Rosary And How Many Times? 
I would like to know when do I say my needs when reciting the rosary and how many times?

Do I Need To Kneel While Praying The Rosary? 
Should Catholics kneel to pray the rosary every day?

Is It Bad Luck To Drop A Rosary? 
A co-worker gave me a rosary she brought back while on vacation and I dropped it as soon as she gave it to me, it that bad luck?

Values and virtues 
What are the values and virtues that i can get in praying the holy rosary?

What Is The Best Time To Pray The Rosary? 
I wanted to ask what is the best time to pray the rosary or can it be prayed anytime? Also where is the best place to pray the rosary, some have told me …

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Word Wedding Vs. Miracle In The 2nd Luminous Mystery 
I would like to communicate with someone at the decision level about the title of the 2nd Luminous mystery. The wedding at Cana clearly is not a mystery. …

How To Focus While Praying The Rosary? (specifically) 
I'm a Catholic girl of thirteen years of age. I want to be closer with God, so about a month ago I decided to pray the Rosary every day. Sadly, I don't …

Which Side Of The Rosary Do You Start? 
Which side of the rosary do you start?

What Did The Rosaries Mary Held At Lourdes And Fatima Look Like?  
I have an interesting question for you all. What did the rosaries Mary held at Lourdes and Fatima look like? What color and what material were the rosaries …

Can I Pray The Rosary Without Holding The Rosary Beads? 
Is it okay to pray the rosary prayers without holding an actual rosary in hand? Or do I have to have my rosary in my hand so that my prayers will be heard? …

What Happens If I Miss A Rosary? 
If I cannot say the Rosary on a certain day, can I double up on two Rosaries the day before or the next day........thanks

What Is The Breviary Prayer Origin? 
Thank you for your informative site. I came here while searching for the origins of the "Invocation," which you refer to as the "Breviary Prayer," and …

Rosary 9 Day Novena for Deceased Family Member 
In praying a 9 day rosary novena, am I suppose to alternate the mysteries during the 9 day novena or am I suppose to pray the sorrowful mysteries only? …

Wanting To Download Latin Rosary 
Where can i can download the latin rosary free?

What Was The Color Of The Cloak That Was Put On Jesus In The Sorrowful Mysteries? 
What was the color of the cloak that was put on Jesus in the sorrowful mysteries. The rosary says scarlet which is red - the way of the rosary says purple...well …

Number of Rosary Beads on Old Rosary Bracelet 
I have an old, silver mini Rosary without clasp which must be an antique Rosary Bracelet. I am confused as to why this bracelet has a total of Eighteen …

Is It Bad Luck To Wear A Rosary You Bought Yourself? 
I bought myself a rosary but my friends told me that I can't wear it because its a bad luck and that someone had to give it to you... Is it true?

Living Christ Rosary Beads 
I gave my son for his First Communion rosary beads with Christ on the cross but he was robed in his clothes. I cannot find another one like it. Does …

What To Do With The Rosary I Was Given? 
My boyfriend is Catholic and gave me a rosary to help me with my current problem. He said I should wear it at all times close to my heart so I wore it …

Which Optional Prayers Are Recognized By The Church? 
I've seen several optional prayers that people include with the Rosary - the Fatima Prayer, the Miraculous Medal prayer, the Fatima Ave refrain, the Eucharistic …

What Is Meant By Meditating When One Encounters A Mystery? 
When using the Rosary, what is meant by "meditating" when one encounters a mystery? When saying the "Hail Mary's" what should one be thinking about since …

How Old Does A Child Need To Be To Recieve A Rosary? 
How old does a child have to be to receive a rosary?

Do I Need To Be Catholic To Create A Rosary? 
Is it okay for me to make my mother in law who is Catholic, a Rosary even though I myself am not Catholic? I wanted to have it blessed at a Catholic church …

Introductory Prayers On Rosary Beads 
On what should I be meditating when I recite the Our Father and the 3 Hail Mary's. I remember being taught that they were said for Faith, Hope and Love. …

Is It Acceptable To Make Rosaries On Sunday? 
I would like to make rosaries on Sunday, but I know it is considered a day of rest. Would it be okay to make rosaries on Sunday?

Rosary Good Or Bad Luck? 
I've been told a few things about wearing rosary beads, and I need someone to make somethings clear for me. I have been told that it is bad luck to wear …

Identifying Rosary Painting 
I have a painting that looks like the Virgin Mary holding a rosary. However, given the Hail Mary prayers being part of the rosary and that prayer beads …

Meditating On The Mysteries For Beginners 
Hi. Could someone help me please? I want to start praying the rosary but unsure about how to start? I understand how the rosary is prayed but am a beginner …

Do you have instructions in Spanish? 
Do you have instructions in Spanish?

Beads Or Stars? 
Is it bad to have stars instead of beads on a rosary?

Click here to write your own.

Can I Be A Hip Hop Artist And A Christian? 
I am 17 years old and have a Hip Hop career. I gave my life to Christ about a month ago. My style of hip hop is very positive, I never curse nor do I talk …

Can I Say The Litanies Even Though I Am A Hindu 
I am a Hindu and I truly believe in mother mary and Jesus and I want to say the litanies can you help me out. I am not a CATHOLIC but still can you show …

Two Baptisms? 
Can a child undergo two baptisms in two different churches? My daughter strayed away from her family and married a man who is in the United States illegally. …

How Does One Explain To Protestants The Reason For Praying The Rosary For The Deceased? 
After my mom died, my dad married a wonderful Protestant woman. Now he is nearing his final days on this earth. A few years ago, he requested a rosary …

How Long Should You Pray For Intentions? 
How long should you pray for intentions, one month, six months? Because so many intentions need to be prayed for. I know when I pray my prayers are heard, …

Do I Need To Kneel While Praying The Rosary? 
Do I Need To Kneel While Praying The Rosary?

Why Do I Feel Sad And Unmotivated After Pouring My Heart And Soul Into My Catholic Faith? 
Back-story first: Last, last year, I was a happy person. Everything in my life was going pretty well: I was slim; I was considered intelligent; and I was …

Can I Start The Rosary On The Centerpiece? 
Hi, My Mother taught me the rosary and the way she thought me is quite different from any way I've ever seen it on the internet or in books. The …

Is 'Pray For Us Sinners' Necessary? 
The latter part of the prayer 'Hail Mary' says 'pray for us sinners' yet, 2 corinthians 5:17 in the Bible says that when we accept Christ through getting …

Name Of Other Type Of Rosary? 
There is another type of rosary prayer that also have five mysteries but is devoutly for mama Mary, where, all the mysteries are made purely about the …

Speeding Through The Rosary 
Recently, I attended a rosary offered by a devout group of men and women for a deceased member. The leaders of this group sped through the rosary so fast …

The Angelic Salutation 
Recently, a friend told me that while praying the rosary, he got the inspiration that it was while the Angel was addressing Mary thus- 'hail Mary full …

When I Say A Novena Do I Say The Daily Rosary As Well 
When I say a novena do I also say the daily rosary as well? Are there special rosaries to be said in certain days? Where do I find the answers to these …

Need Questions For Group Discussion 
Hi, I lead a young adult group at my parish and we are going to be discussing the Rosary on Sunday. Is there anyone who could suggest some questions …

Joy Mysteries of The Rosary. 
I believe the correct Mysteries of The Rosary to be prayed on Sundays between the first Sunday of Advent and the celebration of the Epiphany are the Joyful …

Praying The Rosary During Christmas. 
I dated a guy, whos family prayed the rosary on Christmas Eve. Now that we are not together, I would like to continue this tradition but do you pray the …

Can A Hindu Pray The Rosary? 
I am a Hindu, but still I like praying it. Can I, being a Hindu pray the rosary? I somestimes get confused with the prayers?

Sign Of The Cross While Praying The Glory Be 
As a Hispanic I grew up making the sign of the cross whenever we prayed the Glory Be. I work at a Catholic School and we currently have a Filipino nun …

Rosaries Graven Images? 
Aren't the rosaries and crucifixes graven images and therefor a sin against the First Commandment?

Catholic Rosary Or Not 
I have a set of beads which I took to be Catholic rosary beads because they were in my deceased Aunt's collection of Catholic rosaries. But these are not …

When To Focus On Meditations 
When are we to focus attention on the meditations? I've heard we might meditate 15 minutes before starting a 5-decade Rosary; or 3 minutes before each …

Meaning Of The Pictures 
Hi, I've just bought a wooden wrist rosary, but unsure of all the pictures on it, can you help me understand them, and to say the rosary. Ricci

Need Help... 
Lately, I've been losing faith in the Rosary. I know that it is very very powerful but there are just too many problems in life. What should I do? I even …

Mass Or Rosary 
Is it better for a Roman Catholic to celebrate mass everyday instead of praying the rosary and only visit church on Sunday?

Litany And The Rosary 
Is it not necessary that we say the Litany of our Blessed Virgin Mary after saying the rosary?

Click here to write your own.

Studies And The Rosary 
Hey! One question, can the Holy Rosary help me in my studies? If so, how? You see, I'm having a depressive turmoil when it comes to my grades. I really …

How to Ask Favors 
Quick question, how do you ask requests from Mama Mary through the recitation of the Holy Rosary? When should you ask these requests and in what manner? …

Only The Decades? 
Hi, I'm a very busy lady whose aim is to pray the Rosary everyday. However, time is not on my side and so from praying with the usual introductory and …

Is The Rosary Prayed In The Eastern Rite Of The Catholic Church? 
I have heard that the Rosary is not prayed in the Eastern Rite of the Catholic Church. Is this correct? Thank you.

Rosary Intentions 
I am new to the Rosary and was told that you should always offer intentions when praying it. I was also told that there are some required intentions, …

Evil Symbol On Rosary  
I believe it was one of the last two weeks of May, I got in the car and was listening to Immaculate Heart Radio, and picked up on the last part of the …

Missing Holy Mass...:( 
Today, my aunt invited me to hear Mass with her. I declined because I ate a few moments ago. But still, I should've gone to hear Mass even though I wouldn't …

How Do I "Feel" The Rosary Consistently? 
When I pray The Rosary, I want to consistently feel that nice feeling before, during and after prayer. I felt it at times, but not always. When that feeling …

What Are Graces? 
I have heard that the Rosary obtains for its devotees, by the intercession of the Mother of God, these "graces". Can someone please kindly define what …

A Few Questions On The Rosary 
I have a few questions to ask about the Holy Rosary and I'm hoping you guys would answer them all: 1st: I try to pray the Rosary as best as I could …

Rosary Confraternity---Please Help! 
My question is how do you join the Rosary Confraternity? I've been having a difficult time doing so because I have tried sending an enrollment form to …

St. Joseph Beads? 
I was given a set of Rosary beads with a St. Joseph medal on the end and then it has 1 small blue bead, one large white bead, 3 small blue beads, one large …

Catholic Customs Question 
Why do Catholics kneel/pray at the grotto, or at statues of saints?

How To Join Rosary Confraternity? 
How do you join a Rosary Confraternity?

Mass The Sacrifice Of Calvary? 
Why is the Mass known as the sacrifice of Calvary?

Litany After The Rosary 
Is it compulsory to say the Litany after praying the Rosary?

Confused About Days Mysteries Are Prayed On 
I thought that the sorrowful mysteries was only to be prayed at Tuesdays and Fridays? Is it added to Sundays because this one is the passionate Sunday …

Some Fundamental Catholic Devotions? 
What are some of the most fundamental devotions of Catholicism?

How Many Decades Are In The Rosary? 
How Many Decades Are In The Rosary?

Is Rosary Evil? 
I saw on the internet a website where they tell that Catholics are being decieved as they don't know that they are worshipping satan. Please claify …

Some Sample Prayer Intentions, Please? 
Would you please post a list (sample) of the different intentions offered when reciting the rosary?

Interested In The Rosary 
How many requests can you ask of the rosary? Does Mother Mary ask us to offer a specific intention, and not to many? Because i tend to just say one and …

Just Some Thoughts To De-Stress And Just Pray Not rated yet
the Rosary is a tool... The Greeks have prayer beads as an example.... Please just pray and converse freely in prayer with praise and gratitude to the …

Translation Of Chaplet Instructions Not rated yet
This is Marianita again. I just found a small note included in the chaplet of St. Joseph but it is written in a different language. Will someone please …

Rosary and Mass Not rated yet
Are mass and rosary different? If I attend the mass and taken the communion, do I have to say rosary in home in same night?

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Rosary and Cultural Differences Not rated yet
I grew up praying the Rosary, and have continued the practice into my adult years. I know of the standard Rosary, the Dominican way of praying the Rosary, …

Making the sign of the cross while praying Glory Be Not rated yet
I am Hispanic and work at a Catholic school. We have a Filipino nun who is adamant about the students not making the sign of the cross while praying the …

Words used by a priest to bless rosary beads Not rated yet
What typical blessing of rosary beads would a priest use?

How To Get Others Involved In The Rosary Using Visual Aids Not rated yet
Does anyone know of any good visual aids in the way of a projection on a wall or a screen of the mysteries that can be shown during the Rosary? I would …

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