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How To Pray The Rosary Blog

The How To Pray The Rosary Blog is our mini-journal about the Rosary.

It differs from the newsletter in the fact that it is more of a feed that tells you when something has been added to the How To Pray The Rosary Everyday site.

Whereas the newsletter is only issued every month or so.

The How To Pray The Rosary Blog...

  • lets you know whenever any new Web pages appear on How To Pray The Rosary, telling you about new meditations
  • keeps you up-to-date with other postings or news about the rosary
  • points out some of our super-special personal rosary miracles that you might otherwise miss
  • lets you know when we send out the Everyday Rosary e-zine (in case you don't like to give your e-mail address, or if your ISP tends to over-filter causing you to miss an issue).

To subscribe to our Rosary Blog (no e-mail necessary), right-click on the orange RSS button (see bottom buttons to the left) and then paste the URL into your RSS reader.
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Simply tell your inspirational Rosary story, ask a question about the Rosary or request prayers. Your contributions become part of this blog (which shows the site's most recent pages) and a permanent part of for others to read!

Once you become a part of this Rosary community, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you will be connected to people all over the world, whom also love the Rosary prayer.


Read What's New...

Where Is Jesus Today

We are very lucky. We don't have to look for Jesus. He is right next to us waiting for us to acknowledge His presence.

Continue reading "Where Is Jesus Today"

Going To Confession In Fatima

I visited Fatima 8 years ago, with a tour. My time there was limited but I had vowed to go to confession there. So I separated from my group and went to

Continue reading "Going To Confession In Fatima"

Family Needs Prayers For Multitude of Issues

Dear God Almighty, The father, Son & Holy Spirit. Thanks so much for listening to our prayers of helping to solve the conflict over land issue. God I know

Continue reading "Family Needs Prayers For Multitude of Issues"

Health of Family

Please please pray to St Jude, St Anthony, St Rita, Padre Pio for the health of my mother and father. Please deliver these prayers to Our Blessed Lady

Continue reading "Health of Family"

Prayers For My Family

Please pray for my family. My brother especially who is suffering with addiction and anger issues.

Continue reading "Prayers For My Family"

Can Protestants Pray the Rosary?

Is it wrong for a Protestant to want to learn to pray the Rosary? And, if it is ok, then where could I go to learn how to do it correctly for my own private

Continue reading "Can Protestants Pray the Rosary?"

Carrying Our Corsses

Sometimes when we sin the weight of the sin that we commit is overwhelming. we are weak sometimes, we stumble and we fall, but if we are truly sorry we

Continue reading "Carrying Our Corsses"

The Appearance of Mama Mary In My Dreams

Somewhere in 2011 Mama Mary appeared in my dream and she left me a message. She was saying that on the 13 there will a catastrophe, she only mention is

Continue reading "The Appearance of Mama Mary In My Dreams"

Daughter Healing

I went to Lourdes for the second time in July of 2015. I did everything I wanted to accomplish. Went to confession, immersed in the baths, night procession,

Continue reading "Daughter Healing"

Catholic Seymour the Convert

Jesus shows us in holy writ how tender he was with His disciples. He being the teacher was true to the end. Could you not pray with me 1 hour? (I want

Continue reading "Catholic Seymour the Convert"

The first Sorrowful Mystery of the Holy Rosary

It always helps me to try to picture myself with our Lord, under the veil of the evil of this World.

Continue reading "The first Sorrowful Mystery of the Holy Rosary"

Magnitude Of This Great Moment

This mystery seems to be one in which we can contemplate on the greatness the Apostles must have felt knowing their Lord actually did resurrect from the

Continue reading "Magnitude Of This Great Moment"

I Love

I love Jesus, Mary, God, Joseph, all the saints, all the angels, every dead or living soul (even the bad ones,they deserve a chance)

Continue reading "I Love"

How to Pray the Rosary Everyday to find peace and serenity in your life...

Running a hectic schedule, no time to relax. Learn how to pray the rosary everyday to help you find peace and serenity in your life. Find refuge here with an abundance of Rosary aids to help you pray the Rosary everyday...

Continue reading "How to Pray the Rosary Everyday to find peace and serenity in your life..."

Pilgrimage of a lifetime!

I went on a pilgrimage to Fatima last July 2014 at the age of 30. I had the most amazing experience, which has changed my life forever more and deepened

Continue reading "Pilgrimage of a lifetime!"

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-From the Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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