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Family Needs Prayers For Multitude of Issues

by Nepal Familly

Dear God Almighty, The father, Son & Holy Spirit. Thanks so much for listening to our prayers of helping to solve the conflict over land issue. God I know you always help people those who are on right track. You always do justice. You have done justice & helped us. The conflict of land has been solved by legal process. These peoples who had captured our land from more than 10years had even threatened of life of my Father. Now they have given a same area of land in exchange in next place near to our land. They have used our land from more than 10 years but no compensation given to us.

Anyway we are not greedy people. God if you wish you can help us. Lord we thank you a lot & forgive them in your name forever. Let they not trouble us at all with anything in our life again. As we are having lots & lots of financial problems in our family my father is going there (village) to sell our land. We have no options other than to sell it. God let we do not have to give money to brokers to sell that land. Let the dealing of we seller & buyers be done directly without any mediator.

From the money we get by selling it my Father has to preserve money for two of us unmarried daughters I am in early 30s & want to settle down with a decent man forever & my sister is also there in late 20s. My Parents are suffering from heart problems, chronic asthma, high blood pressure, sugar & lots of painful diseases. They need to keep money for their security, daily medications & whole future. We need lots of money to just meet our daily needs to buy a house here. We do not have our house here. God we need your full attention over us regarding all these matters to get solved & settled down permanently forever. Bless, guide, protect & perform miracles in our whole family forever.

God Please help to sell the whole area of land in a good price. The money which we will get by selling out this land. We do not have our home here we are living in a rented house & having lots & lots of
problems. We need to buy a house, pay our debts, loans & all the necessary things we need in our life. From the money which comes from selling the land my parents have to save & spend in their health issues, treatments also, do medical checkups & buy their daily medicines. Even in our marriages they have to give us gifts & perform all of their responsibilities. These all things require lots of money. Everything is so costly nowadays.

We are in deep trouble & very urgent need to sell the land. My old Father is only one bread winner of our family. Unfortunately, he also does not have job since 3years.He was removed from his office because people had bribed for his post in his office. Lord please forgive him if any mistake had been done from his side bless him with a good job in UN or in any foreign aids he needs & deserves because he has lots of experience in this field. We do not have any links with people those who are in influential posts. You can only perform miracles in our life Lord & bless, guide, protect, have mercy upon us always.

Myself & my siblings we are looking very hard for a job since a very long time from many years. Bless us also with safe, dignified job whichever place we move in our life. We are in suffering & in great pains since a very long time Lord. God please help all of us including my father to get a good, secure job so that we can be independent & help our family members & parents. I really believe in power of prayers, power of healings & on our God Almighty.

I definitely believe things will be sorted out because we have lots & lots of faith in you God. God the Trinity all powerful & loving God Please do not do late we need your help urgently & forever with everything in our life. We invite you in our life with all your powers, blessings & all your powerful Angels forever in our life. Help us, protect us, guide us & keep us in your warm, Motherly care. Thanks so much please do come, Lots of Love, I love you God, I praise you & keep my whole trust on you...

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