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Catholic Rosary Necklaces

"My rosary-necklace is not only a valuable piece of jewelry but a sacramental that is valuable to my soul as well"

Rosary Necklaces

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Catholic Rosary necklaces come in a variety of styles and materials. Here you will learn all about this style of necklace and more...

There are three ways to wear a rosary-necklace...

  • A complete set of rosary beads with a clasp to wear as a necklace
  • A rosary style necklace that does not contain a full set of beads but has the look of a "rosary"
  • Any rosary big enough to wear as a necklace

A Rosary-necklace is a stylish sacramental. By wearing a rosary style necklace, you can evangelize with the added benefit of wearing an elegant and fashionable necklace.

You can find a wide variety of both Rosary-necklaces and bracelets ranging from inexpensive to very valuable. Click here to learn more about rosary bracelets...

Feel the comfort of Jesus' love.

Your Rosary-necklace will remind you of how much Jesus loves you. He loves you so much He became man and entered this world as a baby. He suffered and died so that you could become an heir to Heaven. It is indeed comforting to remember that there is a God and that He loves you very much.

A Warning About Rosary-Necklaces

It is important to be careful with Rosary necklaces however. The use of this sacramental has been openly used by celebrities and now everyday people in a blasphemous and sacrilegious way. This is very offensive to the Blessed Mother. She came to Fatima to ask us to devoutly pray the Rosary everyday for peace and for the conversion of sinners.

Rosary-necklaces should not be worn as a mere fashion statement and pagan symbols must never be worn. It is a mockery of what the Rosary symbolizes.

If you are considering purchasing a rosary necklace, please be sure your motives are in the right place. Ask yourself, "Why do I want to wear a rosary necklace?" Your answer to that question will help you identify your motives. Remember it is a sacramental and you should treat it as such.

Also be sure you are purchasing a Catholic rosary necklace. Never wear one that does not contain a crucifix (a Catholic medal like a Miraculous Medal is okay though). Ones with other symbols are not Catholic and should never be worn.

With that being said...

Here is an overview of rosary necklaces and the various materials in which they are made. Click on the link to learn more about the variety that interests you.

  • Precious Metals - as always, the most popular variety. Comes in gold, silver and platinum. Learn more...
  • Rosary Beads - includes crystals, wood and glass plus men rosary necklaces. Learn more...
  • Rosary Style Necklaces - These are a very good choice if you are interested in the style of a rosary necklace but are uncomfortable wearing an actually rosary as a necklace. These can be better describes as rosary cross necklaces and are not made of a complete rosary. Learn more...

Shopping For Catholic Rosary-Necklaces

Shop for rosary jewelry the same way you would shop for any jewelry.

If you are looking for high quality jewelry made from precious metals or gems, purchase it from a well known jeweler.

If you are shopping for less expensive varieties, you still should buy the highest quality available in that material. This will ensure that your rosary bracelet will be well made and be sturdy enough for daily wear.

Be sure to check out the selection on eBay first. You can find high quality jewelry for a fraction of the retail price on eBay. Just make sure the seller has good feedback.

See our Auction Tips page for more information about bidding on an auction.

Below is a live sampling of Catholic Rosary-necklaces available on eBay...

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