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Why Do I Feel Sad And Unmotivated After Pouring My Heart And Soul Into My Catholic Faith?

by Anonymous

Back-story first: Last, last year, I was a happy person. Everything in my life was going pretty well: I was slim; I was considered intelligent; and I was focused on doing whatever it is that makes God pleased - praying the Rosary, hearing Masses, avoiding sin as much as I could. At one point last year 2010, I did everything in the latter part (Rosary --> avoiding sin), only twice as much. I even prayed for something via the Rosary Novena.

Then, time came for me to do my work, and suddenly, everything in my life came crashing down. Honestly, I want to burst in tears. God is always Just. God is Good. I wholeheartedly believe that. But can someone tell me why? Why is it that when I started to give more time to the Catholic Faith, my life started to break into millions of shattered pieces?

Now, I feel reluctant praying the Rosary even though I know its worth - its great, great worth. It was my consolation in times of torment and depression. Now, its substitute is chocolate; hence, the additional ten pounds. Now, I'm struggling to weigh back down.

Of course, I still love God very much, but the more I think of devoting time to Him, the more I think of the sadness it caused. Now, I'm just lukewarm. Is there logic behind this? Because I feel like the more I try to push myself to be a good Catholic, the more God pushes me away. It's not true, I'm sure. I'm just trying to describe my feelings.

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Be Strong
by: Anonymous

It is not the Catholic faith, or anything else that is keeping you from God---it is the Devil.

The enemy of man tries every trick he can to swerve you off of the road to salvation. I can understand this, as not only has it happened to me, but happens to many. You are not alone, but know that despite the feelings you are having, no matter how bad they seem God is always with you. He is very aware of your struggle, as He Himself has allowed this to be in order to make you stronger. It is also necessary to allow you to better see and realize (more clearly) certain things in your life that only He and you know about.

Our lives are a series of struggles that we must face, and to do so with holy resignation, along with offering the pain up to God, helps greatly in our sanctity and in so many other unseen ways.

Receiving Our Lord in the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist is a powerful remedy against many of the things you are going through, also assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of Mass and praying the Rosary.

Nothing holy can ever cause unhappiness, but are the very keys to them. The enemy deceives us best by putting such negative thoughts in our minds and then offers a supposed "remedy" to the problems we face with something often very attractive to us. Unfortunately, millions of souls today are lost because they choose these "remedies" over the true remedy of all ills of life--Christ.

The chocolate is just an escape tool (we all seem to have one). But remember that chocolate, not being sinful in itself, is not the real problem. If it is causing you more weight, this is not healthy (in both physical and mental ways), so I urge you to be strong--by constant prayer-- and know that you are being prayed for here by those who read your post and many others. The real problem is much more easier to get rid of than you might imagine, and constant prayer is the key to this. There is nothing in the universe better than to be able to practice one's Catholic faith. The enemy wants to often take that which we hold dearest in our lives, but we must fight and not faint.

It is our lot to struggle often with our faith and this struggle is necessary in order to temper and test us and make us stronger. Mark my words well, that when you come out of this (and you will) you will have a stronger faith. The darkness will pass. You must be strong and not give in or give up. God Bless You.

re: Your Unhappiness Now........
by: Anonymous

It's the Demon. Simple as that.........Haven't you heard the admonition that whenever one begins to draw closer to God by prayer and holiness of life, that you must BE PREPARED FOR BATTLE? The forces of evil are aligning themselves against you to discourage you in the hopes of getting you to GIVE UP PRAYER AND YOUR QUEST TO DO GOD'S WILL. Satan is always enraged when one draws closer to Christ.

This is fact, so don't give up!!! Keep up the good fight if you really believe what you say about God. Satan can use our emotions......anything to get us to give up prayer. DON'T DO IT. In fact, pray harder and say, Jesus I trust in You whenever you are tempted to despair, a sense of hopelessness, fear or anxiety. Remember what Our Lady said to Juan Diego.........Am I not here, I who am your Mother? I'll pray for you.

Fight The Good Fight
by: The Rosary Team

Thanks for all the great comments and thank you anonymous for the excellent question. We thought we would weigh in as well even if it seems a bit redundant. Here we go...

There is a battle going on. A battle over each individual soul. Satan hates man and he is waging a battle over your soul. Get a St. Benedict medal, pray the St. Michael's prayer often, keep praying the Rosary, stay in the state of grace, and receive Communion often, even daily. The most powerful prayer for repelling the devil is praying out loud the Holy Name of Jesus.


You may find these words of St. Paul to Timothy encouraging. "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith."

Also keep in mind that there is great value in suffering, even mental suffering. Unite your sufferings to those of Christ for the good of His Church on earth or the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

At Fatima, Our Blessed Mother asked us to offer our sacrifices and sufferings up for the conversion of sinners. Perhaps you are being called to offer your current crisis up for the conversion of sinners. It is easier to suffer patiently when you know it is for a good purpose.

Also you may find reading the book of Tobit in the Old Testament valuable.

God bless you and keep the faith.

You don't know how grateful I am
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much for all the comments. I feel very much enlightened. Thank you.

RE: Why do I feel sad...
by: Anonymous

It is wonderful that you find solace in practicing your faith but you may also want to examine those areas of your life that you feel came crashing down and see what you can learn from that experience. Was there a course of action you could have taken to avoid such issues and if so can you apply this lesson going forward. Are there steps you can take to mend any of the problems you are still facing?

I believe that sometimes God gives us challenges to overcome to teach us and help us grow into stronger better people. As a Catholic I never felt that practicing my faith alone would mean I would avoid problems in life and I think God helps me by giving me difficulties. Facing and overcoming difficulties builds confidence, provides a sense of self worth and is empowering. Many of man's great inventions were developed because of, and motivated by, tragedy. Alexander Bell invented the iron lung because he lost his child to weak lungs and that invention benefited countless others with polio for years to come. Dissatisfaction in life drives us to better our world. If everyone was constantly at peace why would we try to change anything? Without change this magnificent knowledge and culture humans have created would stop progressing. Life's challenges do not signify abandonment by God just as me asking my 5 year old child to get her own milk is not a sign I don't love her. It is God's way of helping to reach our potential.

He won't throw anything at you you cannot handle.

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