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Two Baptisms?

by Ann

Can a child undergo two baptisms in two different churches?

My daughter strayed away from her family and married a man who is in the United States illegally. She converted to the Orthodox religion. Now that she is expecting a baby, she plans to have the child baptized in the Orthodox church. There is great pain over her estrangement and all we ask in order to heal that pain is that she have the child baptized in our family's Catholic church. She says this cannot be done.

Can her baby be baptized in the Catholic Church (with Catholic Godparents)and also be double dosed in the Orthodox church? I have already asked my pastor but I am not getting a straight answer. H-E-L-P!!!!

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No Double Dipping (Pun Intended)
by: The Rosary Team

Dear Ann,

We don't usually tackle this kind of question as we are somewhat unqualified to give you a definitive answer. As far as I understand, baptism is valid so long as the words and the proper form are intact. The words are, "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." The form being water either poured or immersed as the words are being prayed. Baptized Protestants and Orthodox for that matter do not get re-baptized when they enter the Holy Catholic Church. There is no such thing as re-baptism. When in doubt as to whether a person has been baptized, the priest does what is a called a conditional baptism, meaning if you haven't already been baptized I am baptizing you now.

I understand the pain your daughter's actions have caused you. An Orthodox baptism will confer similar graces upon your grandchild. Rest assured that your grandchild will be washed clean of original sin and will be filled with God's grace. You really shouldn't push her to have the child baptized in both the Holy Catholic Church and the Orthodox church. A Catholic priest and Catholic Godparents make little sense if the child is not going to be brought up in the Holy Catholic Church. In this case there really is no such thing as double dosing.

I presume the reason you are having trouble getting a clear answer on this issue is because many people have a hard time coming out and saying that there is only One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. The Catholic Church is the true Church founded by Jesus Christ. The Orthodox, the Society of St. Pius X, and other such groups are in schism with the Church. They have split from Her. Protestant churches teach heresy, false teachings. The Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and these sorts of "religions" are false religions because they do not believe in the Blessed Trinity. There is only one true Church, the Catholic Church with its visible head being the pope in Rome. All the other religions in the world fall under three titles: schism, heresy, or false religion. That is the truth and Jesus said, "I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life." Regrettably, your grandchild can only be baptized in the Holy Catholic Church if his parents are going to promise to raise him according to the laws and sacraments of our Church.


No Double Dipping (Pun Intended) Continued...
by: The Rosary Team


Within time, it is hard to say what will happen. Pray to your patron saint, St. Ann the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was a grandmother too you know, the grandmother to Our Lord Jesus Christ. She and her holy daughter, the Queen of Heaven and Earth will attain for you all the graces you need to handle this situation with your daughter. In the mean time, thank God that your grandchild will receive the sacrament of Baptism even if it is in the Orthodox church.

Because your daughter is already raised, all you can do now is pray for her and her children and be a shining example of a holy, peacefilled Catholic wife and mother to them. Also be always prepared to tell the truth when it is asked of you.

God bless you and above all keep the Faith!

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