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What Are Graces?

by Anonymous

I have heard that the Rosary obtains for its devotees, by the intercession of the Mother of God, these "graces". Can someone please kindly define what graces are and state some examples?

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by: Anonymous

Graces are usually known as qualities that a person would need for salvation.These are:

Humility, Charity, Detachment from the World, Purity of mind and body, Obedience and Resignation to the Will of God, Mortification of the senses, Patience, Love of our enemies.

The Rosary mystery that is meditated upon will usually have a particular grace attached. These graces are not material, but spiritual. They are infinitely more valuable than all the gold in the world. Pray the Holy Rosary with perserverence and you cannot fail to see these graces manifest in your life. Dominus Vobiscum.

Sanctifying Grace And Actual Grace
by: The Rosary Team

Thank you, Anonymous, for your answer. We thought we may add these details just to be clear on some definitions the Church uses when talking about grace. The Baltimore Catechism defines grace as follows:
"Grace is a supernatural gift of God bestowed on us through the merits of Jesus Christ for our salvation." Grace makes your soul holy and pleasing to God. There are two types of grace, sanctifying grace and actual grace.

Sanctifying grace is the gift of God's life in your soul and it is necessary to gain heaven. You receive sanctifying grace when you are Baptized. You lose sanctifying grace when you commit mortal sin and it is restored when you receive the sacrament of Penance.

Actual grace is a supernatural help from God that allows you to avoid sin and choose good. It also enlightens your mind. Without actual grace, you "cannot long resist the power of temptation or perform other actions which merit a reward in heaven." (Baltimore Catechism)

You receive actual grace when you receive the Holy Eucharist, when you pray and when you make use of sacramentals. This is where the Rosary comes into the equation. The Rosary devotion is a powerful sacramental through which abundant graces are bestowed by God because of the merits gained by Jesus Christ through the hands of His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The only additional detail concerning grace you may be wondering about is that each of the sacraments gives a special grace, called sacramental grace, which helps you carry out the particular purpose of that sacrament. An example of this would be that the sacrament of Matrimony bestows the graces a husband and wife need to teach their children to know, love and serve God. Another example of this is that Holy Orders bestows all the graces necessary for a man to carry out his vocation in caring for souls.

Examples of grace are sanctifying grace, actual grace and sacramental grace. Graces associated with devotion to the Rosary are considered actual grace.

Graces Through Good Deeds
by: Charles

I was under the impression that we receive graces for every good spiritual deed we accomplish,considering the fact that we are continuously at war with the evils spirits.


So the more good spiritual deeds, in charity,and so on, we accomplish the more we receive graces and the soul would mature in virtues and grow according to God's will.

Saint Paul said that there are diversities of graces,and this gives an impression that there are loads according to our general behavior.

Peace and love in Jesus


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