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Wood Rosary Bracelet
Amazingly Meaningful,
Sturdy And Affordable

"The first rosary bracelet I ever bought was a wood one.
And you know what, it is still my favorite.".

Wood Rosary Bracelet

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A wood rosary bracelet is affordable, sturdy and can be full of significance. Often they are made from rose wood, but you can find them made from a variety of wood species including:

  • Olive wood - usually found in the Holy Land. Olive wood lives for thousands of years and many of the Olive wood from Jerusalem and the Holy Land were there when Jesus walked on this earth. You can purchase a bracelet that is made from the trees Jesus prayed under on the night before His Passion during His agony in the Garden of Olives.
  • Jujube wood - the South Asian tree that is also known as the Christ thorn tree is the wood that according to tradition was fastened into the crown of thorns Jesus was forced to wear.
  • Brazilian wood - from the country where the 100ft. tall statue of Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) stands atop a mountain with arms outstretched in blessing over the city of Rio de Janeiro. With the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics being held there, Brazilian wood rosary bracelets will be a great commemoration of this historic event.
Wood-rosary bracelets are affordable...

If this is your first piece of rosary jewelry a wood-rosary bracelet is a perfect choice because they are high quality, tasteful, plus price is right. This way you are paying less for an equally attractive and sometimes more meaningful bracelet.

Wood-rosary bracelets are meaningful...

They come in a variety of woods and can have more significance and meaning than rosary bracelets made from other materials. Just look at an olive wood rosary bracelet for instance - a rosary bracelet that is made in the Holy Land from olive trees that Jesus prayed under. How unique and cool is that!

Maybe you will never make it to Rio de Janeiro, but you can wear a bracelet that comes from wood from trees from that country. Owning a Brazilian rosary bracelet will let you experience in some small way the magnificence of the Cristo Redentor statue that is as dear to Brazilians as the Statue of Liberty is to Americans.

The Jujube wood-rosary bracelet has deep meaning. Wear a bracelet that commemorates the Incarnation and the Redemption that is made from the same wood as the crown that was placed on Jesus' divine head. The rosaries are very eco friendly and down to earth.

Wood-rosary bracelets are sturdy...

You can wear a wood-rosary bracelet everyday during almost any activity because wood can take more abuse than other materials and many wood rosary bracelets are made using a strong cord rather than a more fragile chain.

You will feel confident wearing your wood-rosary bracelet in situations when you wouldn't dare wear a gold rosary bracelet - like gardening for instance. Plus they are much less expensive to replace than gold rosary bracelets or bracelets made out of other materials.

Wood-Rosary Bracelets Are Great For Men

Who ever said rosary bracelets aren't for men? Men benefit from wearing rosary bracelets for the same reason women do. Rosary bracelets are a sacramental and they inspire devotion to the Rosary in the wearer. Some wood rosary bracelets are very simple and masculine. Buy one for that special guy in your life. He is sure to wear it and appreciate it.

Men - don't hesitate when buying yourself a wood-rosary bracelet. Because you have bigger wrists and hands, the bulkier corded ones look best on men.

Wood-Rosary Bracelets Make Awesome Gifts

Wood-rosary bracelets can be bought at wholesale rosary stretch bracelets pricing.

This makes wood rosary bracelets the perfect gift for First Communion classes, Catholic school classes that are graduating from 8th grade, Confirmation classes, or anytime you need a gift for a large group of people.

Sometimes you can buy a dozen wood rosary bracelets for as little as a $1.50 a piece, that is 12 bracelets for only $18.

Wood-rosary bracelets make great gifts for children...

Not only are they sold at a good price but they are sturdy enough to survive the abuse a young child will put it through. Plus if they lose it, it can easily be replaced. And more importantly replacing it won't break the bank.

Shopping For Wood-Rosary Bracelets

Wood-rosary bracelets are easy to shop for. You can purchase them from any religious catalog. But before you do, check out eBay. By buying from eBay you will save even more money on these affordable bracelets.

But as always, before you buy make sure the seller has good customer feedback and check out our Auction tips.

For your convenience we have added below a live sampling of wood Rosary bracelets available on eBay ready for you to either bid on or "buy it now".

Unable to find what you are looking for, just use the eBay search box to find that special item...

Not quite sure how to use a Rosary...visit here for a basic guide in praying with a Rosary.

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