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Wayne of

Wayne Kneeskern

"There are so many times when people are driving that they could spend some of that time in prayer. I came up with the company name "Travel Rosary" and motto "Pray as you go" to reflect this."

how to pray the rosary everyday

Because so many people pray the Rosary while traveling, Wayne created the TravelRosary, which has rosary beads attached to a steering wheel cover. This way you can follow the beads with your thumbs or fingers while driving "without" taking your eyes off the road. It eliminates holding a Rosary in your hand while driving and having the possibility that the beads get intertwined in the steering wheel.

Each TravelRosary is custom designed and handcrafted in Richland, Iowa.

The first 5% of all sales is donated to various Catholic charities.

How did you come up with the idea for TravelRosary?

One Sunday afternoon about seven years ago I was watching EWTN and saw the

Wayne Driving
Chaplet of Divine Mercy being prayed. It was very inspirational to me so I bought the CD and started singing along with it on my commute to and from work. I had trouble keeping track of the prayers and asked some Catholic friends how they prayed the Rosary while driving. Some held their Rosary in their hand, some tried to keep track with their fingers pressing the steering wheel, and some had a fellow passenger lead the prayers.

This gave me the idea to put the beads on a steering wheel cover. I found this to work great for me and it became my dream project. I then started thinking about ways to improve it and also let others benefit from using one.

You refer to it as a "dream project". What inspired you to make the TravelRosary real?
I spent a lot of time thinking of ways to make the TravelRosary into something of value for others and keep me busy making them when I retired. I have always enjoyed trying to create things and this seemed like the perfect project for me. Plus I hoped it would be something that would inspire others to spend more time praying the Rosary. There are so many times when people are driving that they could spend some of that time in prayer. I came up with the company name "Travel Rosary" and motto "Pray as you go" to reflect this.

Travel Rosary Logo

What custom design options do you offer?

To make the Travel Rosary unique I decided to custom design each one to the customer's individual specifications. There are many choices for the covers, crucifix, centerpiece, and beads.

Travel Rosary Steering Wheels

Bead combinations on the Travel Rosary have gone from all one color, each decade being a different color, and all colors in succession throughout the 61 beads. The options are limitless and I have found it very interesting to see how everyone has their own preferences. This made me feel good about deciding to custom design each one individually for my customers.

Travel Rosary Bead Combinations

What other items do you sell?

Travel Rosary CD
When someone buys a TravelRosary they also receive a free Prayer CD and a TROKK (Travel Rosary Kan Koozie). These items are also available to be purchased separately on our Web site.

When you are driving alone it is nice to have a prayer partner. The CD has the prayers for the five decades of each of the four mysteries being prayed with soft piano background music.

Travel Rosary Trokk
The TROKK was another idea I had a few years ago. When I was diagnosed with diabetes I always kept a bottle of water with me. The TROKK not only kept the water cooler but also kept my hand dry. It works the same for your beverage of choice that comes in a can. I thought what a neat idea it would be to have a decade of beads around the top of it to remind me to pray the Rosary while enjoying my favorite beverage.

For those that prefer a good cup of coffee now and then, I also made up the

Travel Rosary Beverage Holder
TravelRosary Coffee Wrap. This will keep your coffee hot and your hand cool while drinking it. Many coffee shops now give out a cardboard wrap to use. But the Travel Rosary Coffee Wrap has one-decade of Rosary beads around the top as a reminder to pray the Rosary while enjoying your coffee break.

Do you have any other ideas in production?
After a busy holiday season of making Travel Rosaries things have quieted down some in 2011. My son and I are in the process of creating a Travel Rosary Illustrated Prayer Book. It will offer several new ways to pray the Rosary. Hopefully it will be available this Spring.

In what way is prayer, and more particularly the Rosary, an important part of living the Catholic faith?
Everyone has their own way of living their faith, but one constant is prayer. The Rosary is one of the most important and inspirational prayers for Catholics.

Whether at work, at home, or at play, people sometimes forget the importance of communication in their lives. But even more than this, the communication with God is of even greater importance through prayer. The Rosary offers the perfect prayers along with the opportunity to meditate on the sacred mysteries. The stories of Mary and Jesus as presented in the 20 mysteries of the Rosary offer a person the opportunity to enrich their daily life through meditation and prayer.

How has the Rosary shaped and influenced your life?

The Rosary has had a great influence on my life for various reasons. Being a non-Catholic when we married 44 years ago, I watched and observed my wife living a very devout Catholic faith which included praying the Rosary. I have now been a Catholic for over half my life. Living close to our daughter and her family has also been a great influence on me as they live out their Catholic faith in so many ways. It has only been recently that I finally sat down and read about and studied what the Rosary was all about. Hopefully my Travel Rosary dream projects, shaped and influenced by faith, have led me closer to God.

Could you quickly introduce us to your support staff, The Travel Rosary Team? has gone from dream project to reality through the efforts of some very special people in my life. It is one thing to have ideas, but quite another to carry them out.

I worked with Sambit Bhattarai for over 8 years. He came to the company I was working for as an intern and I became his mentor. This led to a great working relationship as well as friendship to the point where I call him my unofficial adopted son from Nepal. He was my sounding board all during those years of creating my business plan. Sambit also took on the task of developing our Web site and handling all the Webmaster work that is needed.

My son, Scott, is the Creative Director for Travel Rosary. He comes up with the creative solutions for promoting and selling Travel Rosaries to our customers using a combination of graphic design, web design, and illustration. Collaborating with him on this project has added another level to our father-son relationship.

Igor Nesterov is an accomplished Russian concert pianist from the Republic of Georgia. I met him while he was living the United States and we became good friends during that time. His music has always been very inspirational to me, especially while working on this project. He was kind enough to record the background music for the Prayer CD.

Check out Check out Wayne's ingenious steering wheel cover rosary plus other unique and handy rosary products at and support this rosary promoter!

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