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Simplicities of Life

Coby and Kessie Thomas

"There’s no greater gift than to pray for or with your spouse"

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Simplicities of Life
Coby and Kessie Thomas of Simplicities of Life have been married since 1999, have 4 beautiful children here on earth and one child in heaven, and follow the path God sets before them. Coby and Kessie began Simplicities of Life, a family-owned, Holy Spirit-inspired company with the sole purpose of promoting holy marriages and families through the unique rosary products they lovingly make by hand.

Simplicities of Life Rosary
What lead you to starting
After we began mentoring engaged couples, we prayed that we would find a unique gift for each of them. We were led to remember the family rosary that we cherish from our own wedding, so we made one for our first couple. We had such an overwhelming response from friends and family wanting to place orders that we decided to open a business.

What is Simplicities of Life's mission?
Simplicities of Life is based on encouraging more couples to pray together. There’s no greater gift than to pray for or with your spouse.

2become1 Rosary
How has praying the Rosary together enhanced your marriage and family?
Like all couples we have our mountains and valleys in prayer. We strive for that time in our lives when praying the family rosary is an easier task to accomplish. With 4 children under the age of nine, our family rosary time usually consists of lots of noise, coloring, and exercise in parental patience. We have tried different variations to incorporate our family rosary. For example: We split our rosary by decades throughout the day. One decade at breakfast, another at Morning Prayer, then another at lunch, again at supper and finish it at bed time. This allows us to complete the rosary and stay in prayer throughout the whole day. Praying the rosary has always been important to us as a family. Another way we have tried to break it up was by praying a decade at a time while in the car running errands, because that’s how much it means to us. It has kept us close as a family and allowed our children to witness prayer in action.

The Rosary is a very powerful prayer. Have you personally experienced its power?
We made the rosary part of our life before we were married. We, at different times of our day, regularly include the meditations of Our Lord through the mysteries of the rosary. We believe this, along with other sacraments, helps us to better know and follow His Will. The power of this prayer has become stronger since our marriage began, and more so since we’ve had children. We want our children to understand its purpose and to receive all of its benefits. Many times the rosary has given us peace, answers, and a place to just ‘be’ with Our Mother.

Fire and Ice Rosary
What/who inspired you to start Simplicities of Life?
Our family-owned business was inspired by the Holy Spirit. We felt through prayer it was what God was calling our family to do.

What makes your rosary beads unique?
Most rosaries on the market are made with 6 and 8mm stones. Our rosaries are created with 10 and 12mm stones. We believe with the bigger stones you are able to see more characteristics of these natural stones and are allowed to have a better grip on your prayer time. Some of our rosaries are made of natural seeds. The very seeds that come from plants that God Himself created. Some of our customers have enjoyed having actual nature in their palms while praying to the Creator.

What rosary type that you make is your favorite and why?
We both have had favorites come and go, but as of today these are what have touched our hearts the most: Coby’s favorite is our chaplet called Psalm 93-God is a Mighty King. He likes it because he feels this chaplet helps his prayers flow well and encourages him to keep praying. Due to its durability he is able to keep it in his pocket and pray often while walking to and from work. Kessie’s favorite is the rosary called Dressed in Blue. She likes it because it reminds her of a prayer she was taught long ago: Lovely Lady, dressed in blue, teach me how to pray. When she first laid eyes on this blue sodalite stone she was hooked. It reminds her of Our Lady so much and feels so connected to her while praying with this rosary.

How can engaged couples incorporate the Rosary into their big day?
For our wedding day we held our family rosary while saying our vows. We have seen other couples have it blessed at the same time as their rings with a special prayer of Our Lady said by the priest. Another option is to invite wedding guests to show up ½ hour early and have the rosary prayed before Holy Mass begins. The guests can offer the rosary up for the couple’s intentions.

Psalm18 Rosary
I love the names you have chosen for your different rosaries. How did you come up with these names?
Truly we ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in all decisions. Honestly, one or two names have come up while in my holy hour, and others have just been given by the Holy Spirit. We have a dear friend who has helped us with many of the descriptions and she has helped us brainstorm on names also.

If you had just one piece of advice to give an engaged couples what would it be and why?
Turn the television off, and learn more about your significant other.

Clearly Simplicities of Life has beautiful, high quality rosaries that can be purchased from their website. Check Simplicities of Life out and support this awesome Rosary promoting couple!

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