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Semi Precious Stones Rosary Bracelets

"I love organic and natural materials. Amethyst, jasper, pearl, onyx you name it.
It is so hard to choose my favorite gemstone Rosary bracelet. I love them all!"

Rosary Jewelry

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Semi precious stones Rosary bracelets like the rosary bracelet amethyst are rare, authentic and fabulous. They are my personal favorite.

Semi-precious stone Rosary bracelets are made from a variety of natural stone materials including:

  • Amethyst - February's birthstone, this purple stone makes an exquisite rosary bracelet. It comes in shades of purple ranging from dark purple to a light almost pink color.
  • Quartz, Agate, and Jasper - Jasper and agates are members of the quartz family. A jasper rosary bracelet vary immensely in color as can be seen in the names different stones go by. Names like "pink zebra" and "leopard skin" have been earned by the natural occurring color variations seen in jasper. Jasper and Agate are natural stones that make stunning rosary bracelets. Rose quartz is a popular material for rosary bracelets because of it's soft and feminine look.
  • Pearl - June's birthstone, a pearl rosary bracelet is an elegantly fashionable and timeless style.
  • Opal - It is easy to find opal crystal bracelets, but nothing quite compares to the rainbow luster of genuine opal. This gemstone is October's birthstone. They are quite beautiful especially when inlaid in onyx.
  • Onyx - Onyx comes in a variety of deep colors but the black onyx is a time honored favorite.
  • Malachite - Malachite has light and dark green banded areas and is a great alternative to emerald crystal.
  • Hematite - Its color ranges from steel gray to almost black, brown to reddish brown, or red. The almost black variety is most common in rosary jewelry.
  • Jade - Jade rosary bracelets usually come in green but red and white varieties are also available.
  • Amber - The rich golden hues of amber make a striking, earthy organic rosary bracelet.
  • Turquoise - Turquoise rosary bracelets are flashy and a bit more exotic than the other materials. December's birthstone...
  • Marble - Marble makes unique and interesting rosary bracelets, but the most popular marble rosary bracelets by far are made from Connemara marble that is found only in the Connemara mountains in the West of Ireland.

Semi precious stones rosary bracelets are rare and valuable...

Semi-precious stone jewelry holds it's value. Plus nothing quite compares with beautiful genuine gemstones.

Semi precious stones rosary bracelets are authentic and natural...

Using God's creation to make jewelry that reminds you of His ultimate gift to mankind, His Son, Jesus, is quite fitting. These semi-precious gemstones are naturally found in the earth. The gemstones are all authentic and are not crystal or glass man made lookalikes. You are getting the real thing.

Semi precious stones rosary bracelets are fabulous...

They are beautiful and unique because they are naturally occurring gems, no two will look the same. They have that gorgeous and down to earth look and feel. They have all the benefits of gold and silver but with more color and pizazz. A gemstone rosary bracelet is a fabulous way to wear the rosary.

Shopping For Semi Precious Stones Rosary Bracelets

Semi-precious stone rosary bracelets are easy to shop for. There are many great online retailers that offer them. But before buy there, check out eBay. By buying from eBay you will save money on these rare and natural bracelets. But as always, before you buy make sure the seller has good customer feedback and states that the gems are genuine.

If you have never shopped eBay, check out our Auction Tips page first.

For your convenience we have added below a live sampling of semi-precious stone and marble Rosary bracelets available on eBay...

Not quite sure how to use a Rosary...visit here for a basic guide in praying with a Rosary.

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