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Brother Sylvan Mattingly of

Founder Br. Sylvan Mattingly. CFX

"Inspired by Our Lady's words, and having seen letters from missionaries around the world, he knew of the great need for rosaries in the mission fields."

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Who: Brother Sylvan Mattingly, C.F.X. (+1951) and the thousands of members of OLRM - Our Lady’s Rosary Makers since its founding in 1949.

Long haunted by the urgency of Mary’s words at Fatima, Brother Sylvan, C.F.X. decided in May 1949 to do something extra for Our Lady. Inspired by Our Lady's words, and having seen letters from missionaries around the world, he knew of the great need for rosaries in the mission fields. Just two years before his death he began to teach children how to make rosaries for the mission.

The small rosary making group developed into a club, the club into an international movement. Individuals and units of the club are in all 50 states and several foreign countries.

He thought: The missionary can teach his people Christianity, he can offer the Mass for his people, but what happens when he's off caring for others? With a few rosaries arriving he could now leave a symbol of the Faith to his people. Even though they could neither read nor write, they could pray the rosary.

Letters began pouring in from missions all over the world. The need was really greater than anyone had imagined.

Founded by one man, one rosary promoter, the rosary promoter is you the rosary maker. Become a rosary promoter! Join Our Lady’s Rosary Makers - OLRM today!

For your consideration, founded by Brother Sylvan, Our Lady's Rosary Makers is a non-profit Rosary apostolate dedicated to spreading devotion to the Blessed Mother and the Rosary since 1949. Over 15,000 members, in all 50 states and many foreign countries, make and distribute roughly 7 million cord and chain rosaries annually for the missions.

Our dedicated staff works year round to facilitate inexpensive parts, expert support, and distribution guidance to our members - furthering our goal of getting rosaries into the hands of all believers throughout the world.

Besides supplying rosary parts and supplies, how does OLRM support members of their apostolate?
Our Lady’s Rosary Makers - OLRM publishes and mails a semi-monthly newsletter to members. The primary purpose of the newsletter is to provide the names of missionaries throughout the world seeking rosaries. In addition, there are articles, missionary and rosary maker photos and other items of interest to rosary makers.

How does somebody become a rosary maker?
To become a rosary maker simply contact Our Lady’s Rosary Makers - OLRM and enroll as a member for annual dues of $2.00. There are beginner kits to facilitate learning to make both cord rosaries and wire/chain rosaries for those new to rosary making. For those already familiar with rosary making, there is a wide range of mission materials, as well as, non-mission rosary materials.

Is it difficult to learn to make rosaries?
With a little patience, one is able to learn to make both cord and wire/chain rosaries. Cord rosary making is the easier and simpler of the two methods. After a little practice learning to make a knot with cord and a specially designed cord tool, a cord rosary is able to be made in about 15-20 minutes. Wire/chain rosary making is the method of making rosary taught in the founding days of Our Lady’s Rosary Makers. Wire rosary instructions teach beading and making chain and bows with pliers and wire. After learning and practicing these techniques, a sturdy wire rosary is able to be produced in about 1-2 hours. Ready-made chain, jump rings and eye pins are available to assist in making wire rosaries.

How much does it cost to create a complete rosary?
A complete mission rosary is able to be produced for less than 13.5 cents. Presently, materials to produce a simple cord rosary are available for 11 cents and for a wire rosary for 13.1 cents.

Besides rosary supplies, are there other items available in your online store?
There are a few other items offered by Our Lady’s Rosary Makers, such as holy cards, however, most items are related to rosary making or the Rosary.

How has OLRM brought peace and serenity into the lives of others?
Rosary makers consistently report of the peace and relaxation obtained from making rosaries.

Please tell us more about the rosary making guilds.
Rosary making guilds are generally parish based rosary makers, who make and teach rosary making in community. Guilds are also known as rosary clubs or groups. Some guilds gather for the purpose of making rosaries, while others gather pray, socialize and distribute materials for rosaries to be made at home. Some groups will do fund raising through making and selling rosaries or by other means in order to purchase supplies or for sending rosaries to missionaries.

What is the "mission network"?
The mission network is the connecting of rosary makers and those they serve both spiritually and physically through the Rosary. Spiritually, in the reciprocal prayers offered by missionaries, along with those they serve and rosary makers; physically, by providing rosaries to those in need and who otherwise are unable to obtain rosaries.

Why is getting rosary beads into missionary hands so important?
The rosary beads are invaluable in supporting the teaching of the missionaries and continuing that teaching in the missionaries absence. Over 40 years ago, Fr. Justin Garvey, C.P. wrote from the Philippines that he had gone there to renew the faith in many mission parishes. He tried many things, but remarked that outside of the Mass and the Sacraments the rosaries sent by our members did more to restore the faith of those people than anything else. Personal and family prayer returned to the villages, and with that came faith and practice of the Sacraments. How rich is the reward for the good works of these rosary makers!

What makes OLRMs unique?
OLRM is unique in that its primary purpose is mission. From the providing of low cost mission rosary materials to the publishing of missionary addresses for those seeking mission rosaries, the focus is on the serving the missions.

Does making rosaries for others bring peace and purpose into the individuals life?
Countless letters from missionaries and rosary makers alike attest to the peaceful and purposeful benefits of the rosary and rosary making.

Please take a moment to check out Our Lady's Rosary Makers apostolate at and consider joining them in their efforts!

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