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Pam Aqui of

Pam Aqui

"I pray a rosary for the person who will be
praying on it before it leaves my house"

how to pray the rosary everyday

Pam Aqui of has been making handmade rosary beads since 1992. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, RCIA Coordinator, rosary maker and child of God. She began Heirloom Rosaries in an attempt to create beautiful rosary beads that would be sturdy enough to stand the test of time so as to become true family heirlooms.

What got you started on creating these truly one of a kind, heirloom quality rosary beads?
Some time ago, my husband and I decided to pray the rosary every day together. He looked around for his childhood First Communion rosary and I saw that it was a sort of dark green plastic.

Lapis Sterling Rosary
I was working for Catholic Charities at the time. I saw how families treasured their grandma or grandpa's rosary. It was usually broken and rusty and useless. I thought a rosary should be made of something beautiful and precious; something that would honor Mary and be a true heirloom. I looked around for a beautiful rosary for my husband, but found nothing but black (usually plastic) beads even the ones done in sterling silver. So I decided to try and make one. My daughter, unbeknownst to me, had the same thought to make me a beautiful rosary. On Christmas morning, I presented Michael his rosary that I made him and my Jenni presented me with the one she made me. Something inside me, was affirmed and I started to make pretty rosaries. At first I gave them away, then people started buying them from me. It came into my mind that I should sell them on the web. It was just a thought in the back of my mind. Somehow Catholic Online heard about me and called and offered to make and set up a web site and it went from there. When I did a search way back then, I was the only rosary maker on the web! Catholic Online still hosts my website. They were brand new back then and so were we. I feel the Lord and His Mother called me to this and did all the work in setting it up and I appreciate what they did for me. I feel very blessed, indeed.

I've heard you have the "most beautiful rosaries on the web." What makes them so beautiful?
Well, I use only the best 'ingredients', good quality gemstones and pearls, nice thick Argentium sterling wire (which polishes up like new with only a mild soap and water). I've always had a good color sense so those things together make a pretty rosary. I like nice big Our Father beads so you can pray with just your sense of touch. I try to make each rosary as perfect as I can. I'm acutely aware that I am making every rosary for the Blessed Mother. I can't skimp; I can't send anything out without it being just right. Another thing that makes them beautiful is that they are blessed by prayer: I pray a rosary for the person who will be praying on it before it leaves my house.

What inspired you to create such beautiful and sturdy rosary beads? Please share your philosophy regarding rosary beads.
Seeing the families treasure Grandma or Grandpa's old broken rusty rosary saddened me.

Dumertiorite rosary beads
I thought 'why should a rosary be made with such cheap material? They are deceiving because they look shiny and new, but in no time at all they are coming apart and useless. The Blessed Mother deserves more respect. After all, we have beautiful vessels for the altar. The rosary is sort of a vessel to bring Mary's prayer and protection to us. A nd a vessel for us to pray for the world. The Blessed Mother wants us to pray the rosary because it is an effective tool for her. I feel like I am putting roses in her basket as a gift. I know she uses the power of our prayer to effect change in the world. It's the second most powerful prayer on earth (after the Mass).

You are a convert to the Catholic faith. In what way did the Rosary play a role in your conversion and faith journey?
None (that I know of) I'm surprised to have to say. I turned Catholic when I was 20 years old (a definite God job), but I didn't give my life to Him until I was 33. I fell in love with Jesus and it was He who led me to love His Church. It wasn't until I was 37 years old that I prayed my first rosary! A nun friend showed me how. Then I went home to my room, I got Luke (the Gospel of Luke) out and found all the Joyful Mysteries there. I got such amazing insights from that prayer. I still use those insights when I pray the joyful mysteries.

Besides rosary beads, what other products do you make by hand and sell? I made some religious jewelry. I made a "Heart Longing for God" pendent. And

Gemstone rosary bracelet
I made a Sacred Heart pendant. I made an interesting rosary necklace. But mostly I have some rosary bracelets and pocket rosaries. I got an idea from one of my customers to make an "all kind" rosary using all kinds of different beads. It's a whole rosary on memory wire. Looking at it no one would know it's a rosary. I keep the price low so it's affordable. I'm using left over beads so I don't count the actual cost of the beads. The sum of the parts is more than the whole actual cost, if you know what I mean.

Something unique about your business is that you offer custom designed rosary beads. How do customers go about choosing a custom design?
There is a Design Page, which has a selection of beads, crucifixes and centers. By discussing their choices with me, together we can come up with something perfect for the individual. I know how important it is to have something that you with cherish forever (or at least a lifetime).

I like how you say, what beads will "call you to prayer everyday"? That is so inspiring. Do you think people are more motivated to pray with beautiful rosary beads rather than counting with stones let's say?

Ebony Rosary
Well, I really appreciate beautiful things. And I believe in quality that will last for certain things that will be with us for our lifetime. Whenever I make a beautiful rosary, I have a little anticipation feeling inside me that I will be praying on that rosary. It almost feels like my rosary is calling me to prayer. Sounds weird, I guess, but I know the Blessed Mother wants me to pray my rosary for my sake and for hers. She desires my prayer and the beautiful rosary helps me to want to pray.

You teach RCIA. If you had one piece of advice to give a new Catholic, what would it be and why?
Set aside time for prayer. I tell my people to put their hand in the hand of Jesus. He is available for great and tender intimacy. He desires to come close to us. I tell them the Blessed Mother is their Mother. She's on the job; she understands; she reflects the glory of her Son; she's available to us; she pierces the veil between heaven and earth. I tell them to pray, pray, pray until they find the joy of praying. Don't settle for a glance, but take a long loving look at God. He will soon appear in your life in many wonderful ways.

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