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Urgent Prayer Request: For Traveling To Marian Shrine Possible

by Priyanthi

Dear Bothers/Sisters in Christ,

I come before you humbly seeking your prayerful assistance for a very urgent need. I have come before you on many occasions and I have experienced the glory and victory of God in the helpless situations I was in and for which I had requested your prayers. Please do help me out once more.

On the 11th of August myself, my husband and daughter together with my mum who is kidney patient have planned this pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Madhu which is the most powerful Shrine in our country dedicated to the Blessed Mother...This Shrine was closed for nearly 30 years because of the war and terrorism in Sri Lanka as the church was situated in the War zone, and the Miraculous statue had to be taken away by the Bishop of that diocese, for safety.

Now after the war after 30 years the Shrine is open and many miracles of healing and deliverance is granted to the people through Mother Mary.

As I have mentioned before my family have suffered a lot because of evil bondages, and generation curses which have brought conflict, hatred, disunity in our family. My mum who is 78 years old has a deep longing to go to this Shrine, but she and I are under a of attacks from the enemy because it is the two of us who are battling in prayer for the deliverance of our family. Our pilgrimage will be just before the feast of the Assumption and we know that Mother Mary will bless and heal us.

Initially the first obstacle was my husband who was assigned by his office to go on tour on the very date we planned to go... I stormed heaven and his office found a replacement, Now another obstacle has come up. My mum had to go today for her monthly check up to the kidney clinic, and she was stunned as there is some problem with the test reports, and the doctors have ordered further tests and asked her to report to the hospital giving the date before we leave on this trip...This is very upsetting as she says the doctors may say "get admitted" if the test results are not good... If that happens we cant go on the pilgrimage and the evil one will rejoice as my husband's job doesn't permit him leave... Mum had told the doctor she's feeling fine.... but they are confused... I have a lot of faith in the blessed water and so I started giving her blessed water to drink together with Lourdes water, and I asked Mother Mary to release the power of God and take authority over mum's sickness, and with the Blessed water to cleanse mum from whatever is not ok inside, so that God's power be manifest and confound the Doctors so that tommorow when she goes for the blood and urine tests, even the equipment used and the those doing the the tests be under the authority of Mother Mary, and that all the reports will be normal, for the glory of God.. and that Mother Mary' Holy and sinless hand will crush destroy and remove this obstacle of ill- health that is trying to bock our pilgrimage...

I have so much trust in your power of intercession..... my uncle Walter who was dying and doctors gave up on him is today very much alive and healed thanks to your prayers...please carry us (me, my husband,and my daughter, and my two brothers, who give mum so much of heart ache, pain and hurt) in your hearts, let the power of your prayers flow into this situation, I know your hand are powerful because you are all people of prayer, please place us on the table of the Lord, (specially my mum tonight) ask Mother Mary to cover us with Her mantle and St. Joseph to deliver us, give us good health and take us on this journey to the Shrine of Our Lady on the 11th. Please ask God to send His angels to destroy and remove the blocks and traps of the evil one who has much to lose by our going on this pilgrimage. Please help us with your prayers to obtain this deliverance, because when we receive healing, and deliverance you will be blessed and rewarded and so will all the members of your families be also blessed.
Tomorrow the 6th of August the feast of the Transfiguration is also the 20th death anniversary of my Dad. Please offer a little prayer for the repose of his soul....

I pray that my next mail to you will be one which I will glorify the Lord..............

I remain humbly

Your sister in Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


Comments for Urgent Prayer Request: For Traveling To Marian Shrine Possible

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Aug 18, 2013
physical and spiritual healing and deliverance
by: Anonymous

Lord through the intercession of Mary and all the saints and angels performed miracles in our lives, heal me, Mom, and all the members of my little family from diseases of the body, heal our souls, forgive our sins and deliver us from the bonds with evil people and with the devil, deliver us from the smoking habit, let us observe thy commandments, show us your will and give light to our minds, let us see with your eyes to spiritual realities. Send Your Spirit with his gifts and charisms, make us holy and blameless in Your sight.
Lord, give us a sign of Thy grace and help us to pray well and understand Your Word, grant us the graces and blessings we ask. Lord bless those who pray for us.

Jun 27, 2013
Please pray for my husband to get a good job!
by: Anonymous

My father in law,mother in law and my sister in law making one after another problems in my life. i don't know what to do.They want only cash. they were material lovers.they were extravagant, greedy people. they want their own happiness, they never think about others.they want me as their slave. i don't know what to do.they doing cruelties one after another. my husband is jobless so they not getting money or things to them,tats y they making problems ...plz pray for me....y God making this much problems in my life. one thing i understood in my life God loves my enemies....God never punish cruel people....God creating problems only to his lovers....plz pray 4 laws only wants money and a servant...if i spend my dowry for them they will act they loving me after tat they again start everything...they want i bring money, things from my house....if my father bring anything they will show their love for 1 week, after tat they showed their real character.....sometime i think god wont punish better i end my life....if i die they will be happy and i escaped from their cruelties....i am seeing no other way....oh God what a fate is mine...if my husband get a good job i can go with him and escaped from their cruelties....i never saw this much greedy family ...

Jan 20, 2013
Please pray for cancer victim
by: Anonymous

Please pray for A. and also put her on your church prayer list for continued prayer. She needs to be restored back to good health and for cancer to be removed from her body. Thank you so much.

Dec 14, 2012


Oct 30, 2012
Please pray for a miracle to reunite with my parents and home
by: Anonymous

Dear beloved mother please help me,
Please pray for me mother as you are aware of everything, due to my marriage issue my dad left me and told rest of my family and relatives not to keep any type of contact so they all left me totally and never dare to allow me to home since years.

I am far of my home and hometown, I didn't see my dad for years, missed many occasions festivals many happy moments, they all avoided me, forget me. Mother I always cried every time as my own parents forget me. Mother it hurts me badly dad don't know where am i, and he don't know i had gave birth to a child 20 months back with your grace mother.

Mother till now my child and me are far of my family and home, mother please reunite us, my little sister is going to marry on Nov 4th this Sunday mother please mother do a miracle for us let dad forgive and at least he allow us to my sister marriage.

Mother at least now have mercy on me,with out dad acceptance it is not possible for me to assume that I attend the marriage, mother let my dad accept us allow us to my sister marriage with your miracle please mother help me to reunite with my parents and bless me and my child with my parents love and care. Pray this in your precious name amen.

Oct 30, 2012
Immigration issue
by: minas

Hello , I am Christian Egyptian , and the life is very difficult here for the Christians because we are facing a big persecution. I applied to immigrate to Canada, and the immigration lawyer made a big mistake in my application, so I have to pass a French test at 1 November, and if I will not get high score in this test, my file will be closed, so everyone pray for me to do well enough in this test please, God bless you.

Oct 09, 2012
Slow Recovery from death of son....
by: Bill & Carol

Prayer Request!

RE: Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Hardships & Sorrows...

Oct. 9,2012

Dear Community of Prayer,

Thank you for Praying! 

Please  pray (2012,13..??) with us daily for recovery! God's Healing, Protecting Peace & Hope in our Broken Hearts, Health and Shattered lives made worse by server financial hardship!!

Feel free to pass or e-mail our urgent prayer request on to other Communities (Women & Men)of Prayer that you know of in the World?

Meanwhile, We continue to stay at our Post in Hope & Prayer with the help of your daily prayers & God's Mercy! We will keep you in our daily prayers as we cry out to God Day & Night for His Mercy & Peace Now & in the Days ahead??  

Thank you for your patience!

Bill and Carol

May 15, 2012
Urgent prayer for healing..
by: Anonymous

Urgent prayer for healing I request for those I love Lord. Please pray for R. whose marriage proposal came for me, but now he is very serious critical condition admitted in ICU room in Hyderabad . He had an accident and his head injured in very critical condition now. His hand also fractured. Please pray for his head and hand healing soon. Previous 11 days he is in ICU room. Please pray for his healing and recovery soon. Please pray for my marriage will fixed with R. soon and my family members will agree for my marriage with him. Thanks prayer warriors and thanks Lord Jesus.

Mar 21, 2012
by: rose restein,familyAnonymous

heal damage done by smoking and negative talk. protect. long life. good health. meet needs.s top fluid. healings. cancer free.

Mar 07, 2012
healings, cures
by: Anonymous

heal llungs,stop need for oxygen machine.cure diseases.cancer free.heal past negative talk.unanswered prayer. rose,family

Feb 17, 2012
prayers for holy souls
by: john

Please remember in the daily prayers and holy masses to pray for the souls of-

Feb 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

unspoken requests. heal lungs. heal negative past,present,future talk. unanswered prayer. cure diseases. healings. health. spouse,family

Jan 15, 2012
Please pray for my child
by: Anonymous

Please pray for my child, mother please help your child,as a mother u know a pain of a mother,mother my child who is 12 months old is not eating anything nor taking milk mother i ammuch worried about him, with in 1 week he became very lean mother please touch your blessed child with your hand heal him what ever bothering him, mother heal every illness and pain making him not to take food,mother bless him with good health,good growth, and nice sleep through out the night, mother do miracle and from morning itself make him eat well and play well mother ,as i am sleepless due to this,mother in your precious name i beg to do such miracle amen.

Jan 14, 2012
by: Anonymous


Jan 02, 2012
Prayer request for traveling to local and international trip
by: Anonymous

Dear Mother Mary

My name is Emilda Abadiyati Emmy, I was born as a Roman Catholic when I was baby born.
Please help me to get my money then able to make my own traveling to Jakarta-Bali Indonesia to meet my future husband, then overseas transit Malaysia first then another countries for important things.

Please Mother Mary help me.
I want to make my own trip a week later

Thank you


Oct 20, 2011
Cancrer Healing
by: Anonymous

Please pray my sister, be cured of her aggressive stage 3 ovarian cancer. Please pray that she be free of pain and flatulence. Please pray that her 1-hr surgery tomorrow be quick, painless and successful. Please pray that when she receives her chemo that she be able to be strong and have no side effects. Please pray that she can come home rest and recover.

Aug 05, 2011
Precious, Precious Angel you and yours are defenitely on the top of my prayer list
by: Suzanne, a precious child of God

I am from Texas and I am also a member of a world wide intercessory prayer group and your request will be forwarded, if that would be ok with you.

Love, Blessings, Peace and Worldly Harmony,

From Whitney, Texas 2 hours south of the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Metroplex or 1 hour north of Waco, Texas if you are fimiliar with the state of Texas

If you care to email me my email address is

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