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Through My Suffering, Mama Mary Helped Me Find the Holy Rosary

by Justine

About three years ago, I had no devotion to the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As a matter of fact, I remember that everytime we had to pray it in school during the month of October, I prayed, or rather babbled, it without attention and reverence. In short, I felt reluctance and laziness everytime I prayed it.

Then, after the sixth grade, I decided to transfer to another school. I prayed that God would grant me the sign that if I pass the entrance exam of this school of which I might be transferred to, it means that He does want me to study there. Turns out, I did pass.

What's different about this new school that I am now studying in from my former school is that this new school is a Catholic school. However, during the first day, I felt this utter depression and thought that God made a mistake. But then I decided to visit the Chapel.

At first, all I did was cry everytime I visit. But then something unexplainable happened as if there was this need for me to pray the Rosary. At the beginning though, I thought of it in a shallow manner as in it would be a prayer to grant me anything of this world. And only of this world.

So I prayed it one day. And then the next. And it went on for a long time until I had this slight devotion to it and then came the time I wanted to know more about it.

One day, I went to my cousin's school (also Catholic) to accompany her, along with my sister and aunt, during her intramurals. I went to their bookstore. And then I saw this lovely book which attracted me called 'The Secret of the Rosary'. At first, I thought it was a book against the Rosary because of the word "secret." But turns out, I was wrong.

That book helped me a great deal and opened my eyes to the genuine power of the Rosary. And little by little, I discovered so many beautiful things about this prayer and I am glad to have gone through my suffering just to have opened my eyes to that prayer.

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Thank You Very Much
by: Justine

I thank you very much for the very beautiful comments! :)

Our Lady Never Fails
by: Jerald Franklin Archer


Your story is beautiful and touching. Your suffering is never in vain, and always remember to offer it to Our Lord. You seem to have found a renewed peace that the Rosary can bring and I pray you will always have recourse to Our Blessed Mother, Mary in the dark times of your life and the joyful ones, as well.You will find She will never fail you. Remember, God always knows what we need even before we ask it, but we must ask in order to get an answer.

The book you mentioned, The Secret of the Rosary (by de Montfort) was the book that introduced me to the Rosary many years ago. I believe it to be the greatest work ever written on the Rosary. There are others, but they cannot sumount the beauty of de Montfort's words and explainations of the subject. You are young and will discover much as your years continue on, God willing. Pray always and pray with confidence your prayers are always heard. Dominus Vobiscum.

Mary, Keep Me Safe In Thy Immaculate Heart
by: The Rosary Team

What a wonderful story. I think many people experience similar reluctance that blooms into full devotion when developing the habit of praying the Rosary especially when they have been raised praying it.

It is as if Our Lady draws us nearer and nearer her Immaculate Heart each time we pray her prayer.

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