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The Repeating Prayers, Help Please

by Blue

No, this isn't about the repetition of the Hail Marys. Well, it sort of is, but I'm not talking about the 10 Hail Marys per decade manner of praying. You see, there is a problem that I have. But to start off, I want to say that I love praying the Rosary. I'm not here to condemn the beautiful prayer or anything.

My problem is we all know, praying the Rosary in constant concentration can be a challenge. As for me, I stumble a lot, as in I pray some Hail Marys without understanding unintentionally. So what I do to make up for them is that I repeat the Hail Mary. In the end, I probably have prayed about 15 to 20 Hail Marys each decade.

There are times when I get extremely frustrated that the feeling of irritation at my self-advised repetition surges through my veins; hence, leaving me feeling that praying the Rosary is a burden. What should I do?

This is so hard along with the inside threat going in my head saying "If you don't repeat that Hail Mary, something bad will happen to you." or something like "Make it a sacrifice...for the poor, the sick..." And I get soooo (1,000...x) upset because the Rosary becomes an obligation instead of a prayer of free will, but I am convinced since I think that it's for the good of praying the Rosary well anyways.

But it's not just the Hail Mary. Same goes for the Our Father, Glory Be, etc. Last word: ugh.

P.S. I still want to pray the Rosary...but it's just this problem that diminishes that want. I don't know if my method is accurate for sacrifices or not, but it's (I'm just being truthful here) getting me down a lot.

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Audio Rosary May Help You
by: Anonymous

You may find it helpful to use an audio recording. I often find that I will become sleepy when praying the Rosary, so using an audio file to aid me tends to prompt me along better.

I believe this very site has these audio files available.

God Bless you and don't give up!

But I've Tried The Audio Method...
by: Blue

Thank you Anonymous. I appreciate your advice very much, but the problem is this...

I already tried that method. I occasionally use the audio, but, again, because of my "problem", I rewind the audio file a few seconds back just so I could repeat the prayer I wasn't able to fully give my attention to.

Yeah, so I really don't know.

Still, thank you, Anonymous. :)

Maybe This Might Help...
by: Anonymous

Perhaps I did not give the best advice, now that I reread your post again. Let's look at the situation at a different angle.

What you might be experiencing is a problem with being too over scrupulous. Our Lady understands what you are attempting to achieve, but don't allow frustration to take over and ruin a good effort altogether. The Rosary was never meant to be complicated or frustrating. If your attention span is short, the Holy Rosary is a great tool in helping one work at increasing it. But you have to allow yourself some give and take. Like anything, it takes practice and some sound logical thinking to find that which works for you.

You should not feel you are leaving out the entire world in the process or that your prayers are not heard, even in their simplest intentions. Remember, Our Lord and Our Lady already knows your heart, and you actually are doing more than most by being aware of some things. However, the enemy would like nothing more than for you to abandon the Holy Rosary althogether, due to the "frustration" that you encounter. This is one of his best methods and is why many give up. The enemy wants you to believe you "can't" do something in order to make you believe your efforts (in your mind only)are futile. Perseverance is the key to success in any endevour.

My best advice is to keep it as simple as possible, take it step by step, and not to try so hard at so much at achieving that which you feel is correct, but rather knowing that your efforts are well noted, no matter how humble. Even if you only were able to carry the Rosary on your person and taught others about it, would be a great testimony in and of itself. Our Lady asks of each of us what we can do and does not expect impossibilities. I hope this helped a little more, but I urge you to speak with a priest (particularly on the subject of over-scrupulousness) and they can give much better advice.

God Bless you and DON'T GIVE UP!

by: Blue

Your advice didn't help a bit. It helped A LOT. A great lot. Thank you Anonymous. :)

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