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Rosaries That Are Works Of Art; Never Have Had Rosaries As Beautiful As These!

by Sofia Guerra
(Jersey Shore, NJ)


My name is Sofia Guerra and I have a blog called came into my life in a very 21st Century way...over the Internet.

I was new to Twitter and I used to follow her because of her beautiful and kind words to all in the Catholic realm of Twitter.
I was a newbie and she knew what to do on Twitter so I kind of hung around watching her handle the traffic.

I sent out her name @AncientSoul on a Friday which is known as #FollowFriday in Twitter world to suggest a person to others to follow. She thanked me graciously and suggested to others to follow me.

We started to correspond via Twitter,then email and then by phone. I found out about her Rosary business and was delighted to see such beautfiul Rosaries. First, they were different. Not just the same rosaries at every shop and website. They looked well made but the only way too tell was to buy them.

I bought my first rosary at Battlebeads and haven't stopped since then. In fact at Christmas everyone on my list got Rosaries from Battlebeads and all were thrilled!!

Truly, these are inspired works of art, made with love and care and are strong and resilient to breaking. The prices are too low and I cant convince dear Mary to charge more because this is a mission for her.God love her!

To pray a Rosary is a beautiful thing, but to pray a Rosary on a Battlebeads Rosary is to truly honor Our Lord and His Mother with the most glorious of artistic impression--a gift from God the Father Himself.

My favorite?? I have so many, but of course my Hematite Benedictine Rosary with Benedictine Crucifix and Center Medal perhaps is the winner. (although the Italian artisan glass with lampwork I bought as a gift for my cousin and have failed to send it to her because I really want it--HA! is right there a close second)Mary and I have named it "My Weapon" after Fr John Corapi's reference to the rosary as a "weapon" against sin and the devil.

You know what?? He's right; it is!! This Rosary is large and heavy and believe me if the devil shows up one swing of this thing--well.... ;)

Look, there are Rosaries and there are Rosaries.... and there are Battlebeads Rosaries...

Do you want a Rosary that no one has? A Rosary so beautiful it truly honors the Virgin Mary in its aesthetic beauty? A Rosary made with prayerful love that you can feel when you pray it yourself? A Rosary so strong you can fall asleep night after night in a recliner with the Rosary wrapped around the side lever-caught and surely thought lost for good (but extracted perfectly without a scratch - oh yeah it was!) and do you want a Rosary that will be in your family and become an heirloom??

If your answer to one of these questions is Yes, then get thee to and buy yourself something to be treasured. Oh and by the way...the prices are to die for.. being a Jersey girl and a former compulsive shopper, these are a dream come true to the pocketbook...Perfect for gifts and her custom work...well, just imagine...

Oh btw, I didn't mention, Mary is our Website Designer and staffwriter at You didn't think I would let her get away, did ya? This way I get FIRST crack at all the new Rosaries...(see all that college was not a waste!!)

Well, get to and buy a Rosary or a gorgeous Rosary bracelet. There are other items just as beautiful and Mary also makes custom jewelry well, use your imagination..she can make it--whatever you can come up with!!

God Love you, Mary!

With love and huggs,


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Thank You Very Much!
by: Mary always, your exuberance is surpassed only by your big heart :) You, once again, leave me speechless, not to mention breathless up upon this pedestal again! Truly you are too kind. I'm glad to do what I do with the rosaries and the website. You have been an inspiration and support to me for these many months and I truly appreciate your friendship, prayers and love. You remain in my daily prayers...God bless!

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