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Please pray for standing wife, marriage restoration, reconciliation and return of my prodigal husband. Thank you for your prayers and support!

by Devoted Wife

Please pray that The Lord speaks to my husband's heart, mind, body and soul as I humbly ask God to bring my husband back home to me and our family. Pray that my husband is overcome with peace and love for me despite our past hurts and our present overwhelming stressors of today. Pray that my husband will be overcome with the power of forgiveness for me as well as to forget all of my transgressions.

Help him Oh Lord, to eliminate the demonic emotions of pain, anger, bitterness, hate and resentfulness towards me and himself. Let my husband be restored to peace by instilling in him the gift of forgiveness. Help him to regain trust in me. Help him to find the awesome power of love within himself and be able to freely give his love to me as well as be able to receive my overwhelming love for him.

Dear Lord, please let my husband know how very much I love him, need him and appreciate him for all he has done for us over 23 years of marriage. Help him remove past hurtful memories and fill him with all of the joyful memories that we shared. Even if it be just one memory to cling to, let this happy memory overtake him so that he looses thought over the negative memories he obsesses over.

Let my husband know, Lord, that he can come to me. Help him to honor our marriage vows and commitment that we made to each other in the eyes of God. I have forgiven my husband for his past transgressions against me, even now, as I stand in waiting for my husband to return to me. Marriage is difficult, but teach us to strive to remain vigilant so that we resist and do not allow evil to separate us.

Help my husband to realize that we need to work on our commitment to each other by addressing our needs on a regular basis and not become quick to anger because we cannot read each others minds. I ask God to remove all defects of unbecoming character within us so that we may become more like Christ.

I do so desire to be gifted with the restoration of my marriage. I ask You oh Lord, if it be pleasing to you, to please have my husband reconcile his heart with mine so that we may fulfill our promise of love and commitment to each other.

Help me to be a better spouse for my husband as it pleases You. Help me overcome my difficulties so that I can show my husband how important he and our marriage is to me. Help my husband to feel comfortable, warm and accepted at home so that he will want to return. Help us to reconnect, emotionally, physically and spiritually and do what is right in the eyes of God. Let us not retreat from each other in times of need, but support each other in all things.

Please God, protect our marriage, family and our home from evil influences. Stand before us with the most precious blood
of Christ and in His Holy Name, shield us from the dangers of evil. As you give us free will, be ever present Oh Lord with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and breathe the words of Godliness into every word and action we take so that it is pleasing to you and to each other during all the days of our lives, in everything we do. Do not permit us to be overtaken or to overtake evil which destroys marriages! Instill in us a constant reminder of Your love for us and keep us safe from harm.

I ask for Your tender Mercy and forgiveness of my sins and those of my husband. I forgive my husband as You forgive me Oh Lord. Help my husband to overcome the evil that possesses him so that he may forgive me. I pray with my whole being that we love each other unconditionally and harmoniously. Please God, break the chains of pain and anger that bind us, preventing the nurturing and true love that our marriage deserves.

I beg of You oh Lord, to hear all my prayers for my marriage and protect all the marriages in the world. Protect my husband from all evil! Please answer my prayers for the restoration of my marriage and the many other marriages who are suffering discord.

I believe in You oh Lord, that you will answer my prayer, and turn all of my troubles over to you. Please help me endure, with faith, hope, love, patience and kindness as I am so distraught and barely able to function. I put you Lord above all things, as the servant leader in my marriage.

Help me and my husband to do Your holy will. I believe that You do not want to see marriages fail. I do not want to lose my husband. I do not want a divorce. I know a lot of work needs to be done and I am committed to working on my marriage with my husband in Your name despite however hard it may be.

Please see us through oh Lord. We need you today, tomorrow and always! God, please carry me through this trying time. Nothing is impossible through You, with You and for You, Oh Lord.

Please Lord, watch over my husband and guide him back to me. I want to be waiting with an open heart to welcome my prodigal husband home. I offer my pain and suffering of loneliness and despair for the holy souls in purgatory and unite myself to Thee on the cross, my dear Jesus.

My cross to bear feels so heavy, yet I know God, you would not give me anything that I cannot handle. Please assist me in all my necessities of daily life. Take away all anxiety and despair. I am grateful for your infinite mercy and compassion for me and my husband.

Thank You Lord for watching over us and protecting us. Keep us safe from the evil of this world and remain ever present in our heart, mind, body and soul! Amen to my Lord who safeguards my marriage.

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Nov 05, 2013
Ave Maria
by: Pushpa Christie

Have Faith in our Lord and Blessed Virgin Mary.
Will surely pray for your intention.

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