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Need Rosaries for Rosary Rally 2010

by Jerald Archer
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

I am holding a Rosary Rally on October, 16th that is part of the "America Needs Fatima" campaign. Visit the site to learn more:

You could help me spread the Rosary devotion by sending me inexpensive Rosaries. I could use about 30-50, and will give any I have left after the Rally to other members here who would want a Rosary. Our Lady will bless you greatly, and you will be a part of of a great work. Thank You and God Bless You.

Jerald Franklin Archer
3326 Davis Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46221

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Nov 04, 2010
A Defense From America Needs Fatima
by: Jerald archer

The best defense is often found by those who must defend themselves. The Unity article offers an extremely weak argument, which is questionable even in the fact it is not "signed". It contains no authority.

The Catholic Church has not stated or made claims that either the TFP or the ANF is a cult of any kind. On the contrary, she praises the efforts of the groups in what they do and promote. The claims that they are a cult is purely slander that has many underlying factors that the average person would not consider. As Catholics and human beings, we should always strive to seek the truth in all matters. Accepting the truth is another matter altogether that is up to the individual themselves. The case is a sound example of how some may interpret extensive praise of any individual as a form of worship. Professor Oliveria never made the absurd claims that his critics claimed--the critics did alone for their own personal reasons.

One will discover that the situation is (or was at the time it occurred) more political (concerning the state of Brazil at that time) than anything, and should seek to observe the example of the situation as how some Bishops manipulate situations to fit their own personal agendas. It happens even today in America, as well as everywhere where some more conservative Catholics are attempting to preserve true Catholic tradition. The return to tradition is gaining great ground, and many prayers have been answered--thanks be to God.

There were more factors involved in the case that required extensive research to learn the truth. This is a practice that far too many Catholic lack the ability or desire to conduct, which is often why we have problems that should not be occurring.

Oct 17, 2010
American Needs Fatima Is Not A "Cult"
by: Archer

After asking several priests and researching into the group, America Needs Fatima and TFP, I received answers that condoned the groups more than condemned them. As there were 5958 rallies yesterday, one wonders at whether or not the problems of rumors tend to be more of the problem than the real facts.

Being ill yesterday, I was unable to attend any rally, which may or may not have been a good opportunity to ask the questions I have been asking here. There are a few resources available, not all of which can be called reliable, and I have found each to either be for or against the reality that there were a few individuals who strayed from legitimate practices and made the original founder out to be what they wanted him to be. This mentality can happen in even the most solid and seemingly legitimate of groups.

The web is always seemingly full of more opinions than real truths. Good research skills are a must in today's internet usage, but unfortunately many will believe the very first article they read, and this why confusion abounds today. One must always be wary of all information they read and ask questions always until one finds the answer that is truth, not the answer that satisfies opinions.

As one is always in the better to ask their parish priest about many things, both the ANF chapters and the TFP, which in it's early days seems to have had problems in Brazil with bishops who condemned the group TFP, not America Needs Fatima. This was caused more to political than religious reasons that I will not go into here.

Here is the link that my priest refereed me to:

The bottom line is we need to pray the Rosary for America to get back to God. I believe we are going to see a great return to God as things become more disorganized in the country--one never realizes how well they may have it at the rim of the pit until they are at the bottom of it.

Oct 12, 2010
Don't let anonymous slander stop your rosary rally
by: Anonymous

Don't worry about some crazy stuff from the internet.

I know the America Needs Fatima people are wonderful, dedicated Catholics. If you practice your faith in public, as they are proud to do, you will always find some nut job to slander them.

They are doing wonderful work, and the fruit of their work is to bring lots of people back to the Rosary, and many souls back to the Church.

Oct 06, 2010
Hold The Rally Either Way
by: The Rosary Team

We encourage you to hold the rally regardless of what is discovered about this group. If what has been posted about America Needs Fatima is true, by all means disassociate from it, but still hold the rally.

Regardless, we encourage our visitors to send the rosaries Mr. Archer is requesting.

Gathering to pray the Rosary is so important. There is no need to be associated with one group or another, just do it.

Oct 06, 2010
Thanks for the Information
by: Archer

I have had heard this just recently from others and was beginning to wonder of it myself, and am pulling this post here. Chalk it up for experience here, as there are a great many groups out there that may not be what they seem to be. I should have done more research.

Thanks for the tip.

Oct 05, 2010
WARNING: A Cult Using The Fatima Name
by: Anonymous

Please look further into the effort you are trying to assist.

This warning is taken from Unity Publishing's website. You can read the article in its entirety by following this link:

Here are some highlights:

"The America Needs Fatima campaign is wholly operated by an organization called The Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), founded in Brazil by Professor Plinio CorrĂȘa De Oliveira in 1960...

Dr. Plinio claimed to have a "private, prophetic charism" enabling him to look at a young man's face or photo and discern that the young man had "tao" (sometimes "tau"). The "tao" is considered to be a mark on the boy's soul put there by the Virgin Mary to select him as one of her "warrior monks" or "militants." Boys and young men possessing "tao" are told that to refuse this "vocation" is tantamount to condemning their own soul to hell...Those who leave are called "apostates", even if they remain faithful Catholics...

This false prophet (Dr. Plinio) was treated a "living saint"; his followers would bow in his presence, revere his personal belongings and compose hymns honoring him and his mother. Some militants chant a litany to Donna Lucilla, Dr. Plinio's deceased mother, or sub-stitute the name of Donna Lucilla for Mary and the name of Plinio for Jesus while reciting the Hail Mary

...on April,18 1985 the NCBB (National Council of Brazilian Bishops) condemned the group and ordered Catholics to have nothing to do with it...It is the mis-leading teachings of the group and the damage it has done to Catholic families that prompted the bishops' warning, which characterized the group as a "cult of personality "...and also accused the group of "abusing the name of Holy Mary."...

This group has spread to 25 countries and the same damage to souls and vocations is now becoming apparent in the US. Many good Catholics in this country have been misled into supporting TFP through one of its front campaigns, such as America Needs Fatima, which is currently the chief fund-raiser for the group. All moneys collected from the "free-will" offerings at the "Pilgrim Virgin" meetings go to TFP...

TFP exists, not to build up the body of Christ, but to perpetuate itself and further the self-aggrandizement of its leaders...There is no doubt that this group is a destructive and insidious cult.

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