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Miraculous Healing For Family Regarding Health, Finances, Education & Life

by J.P.

Dear Heavenly Father, His beloved son Jesus, Holy Spirit, My Queen Mother Mary & All the Angels & Saints & all the powerful miraculous healing souls, I ask you all in your Holy name to help my whole Family. I on behalf of myself, my family members & my forefathers repent of our sins, please forgive us if we have done any sin either knowingly or unknowingly. We forgive those under your name who have done anything bad against us & harmed us. Bless us with your mercy.

We are altogether five members in my family. My parents, myself, my sister & brother. I am the eldest child .We are surrounded by extreme level of negativity in all departments of our lives. Both of my parents are severely diseased. My Father is a heart patient he already had a severe heart attack once. He has undergone a surgery but it was unsuccessful. He has clots in two places in his heart, which blocks the blood flow. He is also a diabetic. He has become more tensed, irritated & frustrated. My Mother is chronic asthmatic and severely diabetic. They are living because of medicine.

My health is also very bad, both mental and physical. I have painful migraine, sinusitis & concentration problem. I can't concentrate on anything I do, not even in my education, meditation. My eyesight is also very poor. At this young age I have increased blood pressure & blood sugar as well & severely obese. Oh I don't want to be a heart patient also a diabetic like my parents. Please help me. I am not able to do good in my studies. My Master's second year final exam starts from August but I am not able to concentrate well in my studies. I want to continue my studies even after my Master's & achieve higher degree. Until now in my life I haven’t earned a single penny, I have no job.
My good education will only let me have good job with independent life. I am also not getting my soul mate to get married. Please help me to meet him & have successful married life.

Our financial condition is very weak. My father is the only breadwinner of our family. I don’t want to trouble my poor old diseased parents anymore. My brother & sisters are also studying & they are also suffering from health problems. We have a small land in our hometown which we want to sell, it will settle our financial problem a bit if not fully but it is also not being sold.

God the trinity, I know nothing is impossible in you. Please do a miraculous healing on all of us. Please help us with everything in our life. I invite you with your powers along with all the Angels in my family to cover us with your Fatherly love, care & take away all of our pains & sorrows for ever & guide us. Jesus cover myself & all of my family members with your precious blood & heal us. You have died for me & my family in the cross. Bless us with your Holy Spirit. Please help us, God with your mercy, love & with everything in our life. It is very urgent we are in great pain & very worried. God The Trinity let you control our life & instill in us the assurance that we can depend on you always. Let everything be fine & all right. We want to start all over again with a positive changes & miraculous healing. God The Trinity I praise you, I Love U Adore U & I shall follow you everyday of my life forever. Thank you!

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