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Miracle Needed To Reunite Me With My Parents And Family

by Jassi

Dear beloved mother Mary please help me, mother help me save me from my sin and mistakes, mother Mary please ask your Son to forgive all my sins and mistakes I had did, and please reunite me and my child with my parents and home.

As u know I am far of my parents from years, I went against my parents wish and married and for that sin they left me, without my dad’s acceptance no one in my family accept me invite me to home or any occasion since years. I am far of every festival marriages and occasions.

Mother with your grace I gave birth to a child, but till now my dad even don’t know I have a son, mother from the bottom of my heart I am praying u I am begging u with my tears and faith on u in my heart mother please let my dad forgive me and accept us, mother it was very painful for me when I lived lonely when I was pregnant with your prayers, beared many painful moments lonely tired of this loneliness mother.

Mother please let my dad accept me forgive me and take me into home, mother I was always far of every occasion and festival in my home mother on November 4th my little sis going to marry mother can u bless me this time with my dad’s acceptance and invitation for me to attend my sister marriage, mother maybe I am asking very much, I missed my brothers marriage also mother it always hurts me, mother please mother this time don’t let anyone insult me keep us away from this occasion as sinners.

Mother have mercy on us mother, u
know mother I am crying a lot, because I faced many disappointments mother and as I know no one invite me even never think about me mother but its true mother frankly I am requesting u at least u my beloved mother please understand my feelings, my emotions, please mother I am fed up of these rejections, disappointments, mother I lost my patience mother this time I am unable to control my pain, every time they kept me away, I was always alone sitting crying mother, always I beared everything.

Mother I console myself that I am a sinner and I don’t deserve such respect, everyone treats me like sinner only, but I can’t bear mother when my tears my prayer requests are not answered I strongly feel u also ignore me and my heartaches, my tears it makes me hurt so much mother believe me mother I have no strength now, I am also a human being mother when everyone get this truth their words hurts me, their rejection hurts me badly mother.

Please mother get me out of this pains and hurts, get me out of all problems I am facing, bless me with peace and happiness, bless me with my parents love care and shelter, mother reunite me and my child with my parents and home, mother bless me and my child get invited to my sis wedding and make us attend to my sister marriage please mother this is only possible with your miracle, only this can happen when dad accept me let my dad accept me and my child mother, please reunite us mother I beg u to grant my prayers, don’t despise my petitions but hear and grant my prayers amen.

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