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Lost Love And Broken Heart

by Matt
(Calgary, Canada)

I am praying for a miracle.........I was engaged to be married but was having reservations about the marriage. My fiance eventually called it off and I've suffered heartache and loss ever since. I recently found out that she is engaged to someone else and it is causing me much anguish. There were a number of coincidences that seemed to be an indication of God's hand involved in us originally meeting. If we weren't meant to be married, I don't know why God brought us together. I am praying (if it is for her best and in accordance with God's holy Will) that we reconcile.

Please, please pray for us.

God bless,


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Mar 31, 2012
Broken hearted
by: Anonymous

I recently called off my engagement to a man I believed God wanted me to marry. I was praying the rosary daily because I am losing my job & his family wasn't kind to me. I'm having difficulties facing all this loss. I am very depressed. I hope I see the path God has chosen.

Mar 13, 2012
In The Same Situation...
by: Anonymous

We're the same MR.Z
i ask LORD desperately heal my heart cause my heart is totally broken my boyfriend and i planning to get married or to be one before that i lied i told him that im pregnant but i am not because that time were not in a good terms im afraid to lose him i chose to tell lies because of my selfishness impatient and lack of trust until he and his family found out that i am not pregnant they're all angry i asked them to forgive me and asked for second chance i vow down my knee and ask mercy from them but they throw me away like a garbage they're all good to me in our first meet loving and caring i know its all my fault and i commit sin because i lied but i prayed that J. will turn back together with his family even a piece of love from them i don't want to lose him and his family i live alone my parents are both died i don't have place to go when im lonely i consider my boyfriend and his family as my own family i only have one brother and one sister but they're far from me,im seeking justice what i want is LOVE please help me i know nothing is impossible when it seems impossible..

Jan 30, 2012
Lost Love
by: Matt

Hi Z,

I understand what you are going through. Sometimes I wonder how much of what I've been going through (i.e. the pain of loss) is just 'the grass is always greener' effect and how much is true loss. I can't answer that question, but, I do know what you are going through and I empathize with you. I guess that's one of the benefits of suffering...I can now empathize with those who are undergoing the same type of pain.

Anyway, I will pray for you and your ex-boyfriend. I will pray that what is for the best will come to pass and ultimately, that God's Will be done. In turn, please pray for me and thank you in advance.


Jan 29, 2012
Prayer for lost love
by: Z

I had a wonderful boyfriend of six years. After intense fighting we went out separate ways. I now know the break up was a mistake but I have hurt him so much he won't speak to me. I know in my heart we're meant to be together. The whole year we've spend broken up I have regretted it. Due to work commitments I am in England and he is in Australia. I just want us to have one more chance to be happy and raise a family where we will glorify God and live right.
Please pray for us.
Thank you

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