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Illness Helps Me Follow Jesus

by Kevin Olsen
(Kearny, New Jersey)

Greetings and God Bless,

I was injured on the job in 2000. In 1995 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. They had been accusing me of being an alcoholic because they diagnosed me with alcoholic hepatitis. This being because they had not yet discovered or seperated the C virus from the others A and B.

I was humilitated and even started to question myself. Wondering if I had been sleep drinking. Then I was vindicated with discovery of the virus as it is and never an apology did I get from one doctor.

I took a powerful medicine called Interferon for 2 1/2 years out of 3. That's way too much and it's a long story why. I was entered into a study after I had just finished a protocol of shots for a year. I should have been made to wait a year but was rushed into the study by my doctor for his own ambitious reasons.

I suffered a lot and never really recovered mentally. I begged him to take me off it after I was in remission for over 8 months but he begged me to continue to take it because I was his star patient. I was the first patient in the world to have a positive outcome and quickly. 2 weeks after I started it was no longer detectable in my blood and has never been since.

That started and whole host of medical ailments including devestating arthritis and many other little problems. But I look at it as a cross and I accept it gladly. It does not campare with the pain the Lord went through to save me and us all. So it's a small price to pay. I'm almost greatful for it. It's my understanding that the more I suffer the more grace the Lord rains upon my soul.

I love saying the Rosary and do so as much as possible. But it isn't easy for me to afford them. So I ask for a Rosary, Brown and Green Scapulars if possible. Photo's of the Lord and Blessed Mother. I will try and send as much as I can. If not I'm not disapointed. It's ok if you have to send them somewhere they need them more than I. Thanks for listening and God Bless.

Kevin George Olsen
422 Forest Street
Kearny, New Jersey 07032

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Mar 06, 2010
A Sincere Need For The Green Scapular
by: The Rosary Team

Dear Kevin Olson,

Your faith and acceptance of your cross are an inspiration and example to us all. I hope you receive the items you are requesting. You deserve them. Don't forget to be enrolled in the Scapular if you haven't already when you receive one. The blessing is attached to the person and not to the item.

Devotion to the green scapular began in the late 1800's when the Blessed Mother appeared to a nun and revealed the green scapular and told her Jesus wished to establish a stronger devotion to the Immaculate Heart. Through a devotion to the green scapular the wearer receives graces particularly in the areas of health, peace of mind and spiritual conversion.

I have personally seen the power of these graces work with sick people in my own life. For seven years my brother wore the green scapular while he underwent chemotherapy for childhood cancer. His survival rate was 15% and he is as fit as a whistle now 9 years later.

I was very sick at one point, even near death. I wore the same green scapular with sincere devotion. When I was better, I taped it to my premature babies bassinet. He grew and had no complications and came home 5 weeks sooner than the doctors expected.

So we are glad to hear you are requesting this sacramental. Keep praying the Rosary and keep uniting your sufferings to the cross of Jesus.

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