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I Am Living In A World Of Confusion And Sadness

by Anonymous

Okay, so here it goes...

Before, about a year ago or so, I was this reserved and contented woman who couldn't care less for the world (as in I was super detached). I felt happy being like that. Then, a few months went on, and now, I'm this worldly woman who has ambitions of things that are of the world (as in mostly of the world). I don't give enough focus on Heaven anymore, but actually give more concern for earthly things. It's depressing to want things knowing it's impossible to have them. Hence, I feel quite sad, or somewhat depressed. Of course, I'm aware I'm not THAT unfortunate. I mean, I live comfortably, eat three times a day, and have all the basic needs. (sigh...) I know that I have to do is to gain focus on Heaven again, but it's not as easy as it sounds. I'm just begging for prayers that entail whatever it is that would be of God's Will. :)

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Dec 02, 2011
Please help me lord
by: Anonymous

Please pray for me, please Lord get me out of such confused state, mine is an intercast marriage, due to that my father doesn't accepted and left me since 5 years we have no talk and never met also, my husband before marriage told that he has no caste feeling, but he is entirely different after mariage, now Lord i missed my identity, Lord i can't go to anywhere as i am, my family members didnt allow me to home, i never got invited to any function, almost i missed everything, Lord y things got changed this much after marying him, now i have a kid Lord as your child, as a human being can't i get respect as i am, where ever i go, i am almost scared and have to hide like a thief, Lord becoz i loved someone and married him, we r not same caste, this became a very big problem and i got blamed everywhere, and got hurt very much, cried a lot also, even i cant think to fulfill my very small desires also, Lord u created world and people then why such differences, i need my family, parents love their home as shelter, festivals, functions, Lord since 5 years i have no festivals, no functions, only loneliness, tears in my eyes, depression, to whom should i satisfy, if i think about husband, then my family wont accept me, if i think about family my husband willl get angry, Lord i am just confused and always struggling to live such a confused life, my dad left me due to intercast, how could i solve all these problems Lord, i have no strength now, please help me, reunite me and my child with my parents and family, Lord bless my husband never think against me and my family and hurt me please, Lord i need peace in my life, happiness and restoraion in relationships, respect and prosper everwhere, make my dad understand and accept me and allow us to home, and deliver me from all the confusions i am facing right now do miracle and change my miserable life, i pray this in your name amen.

Nov 04, 2010
Be Strong In Your Time Of Confusion And Sadness
by: Jerald Archer

I understand your situation and hope I can help.

I would urge you to read St. John of the Cross' "Dark Night of the Soul". This is an excellent work that deals with many factors of your situation.

[Be advised the above website has some Catholic literature including Dark Night of the Soul but is not exclusively Catholic nor are all the books they recommend.]

Do a general search on spiritual dryness and you will find many writing of many Saints on the subject. It is such a personal matter, but often has the very same elements for all. Don't condemn yourself (but take heed to remedy it), as the Spiritual Dryness is often necessary in order to keep us aware and focused on the constant blessings of God we can sometimes take for granted. This is normal. We are human.

In an attempt to achieve that "happiness" that all humans seek, we can too often turn to our own selves and attempt to find it, usually without much success, thus leaving us in desolation and belief we have failed. No great success has ever been achieved without many failures experienced before we achieved success. We attempt to find satisifaction in those material things of the world, when really we know it is a deception to do so. You seem to have this wisdom already, so you are not as bad off as you might imagine.

It can be a painful experience, but one that will pass. Pray the rosary every day and go to confession and assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and this will be of great aid in your battle. I urge you to speak to a priest as well.

The key is prayer and lots of it. Pray that God will direct you in understanding His Will and know that He understands you better than you understand yourself. Have confidence and faith to know that He will provide all the necessary strength and wisdom for you. There is very little you can do yourself except pray and not faint.

Know that we are all praying for you and that all will be well. God Bless You.

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