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Broken Family, Marriage, Love Lost

by LEI

My husband of 10 years decided to stay away from us. Decided to visit the children only on weekends. But will provide for whatever they need. HE doesn't want to be a family anymore because his love for me is just up to a certain point only just as a friend. He admitted to doing horrible, evil things and regrets doing it because of this he has decided to leave us. Please pray for marriage restoration, lost love and restoration of our family. Evil really lurks and its hurting a lot of families. I just pray that he doesn't let go of the bible I gave him.

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May 19, 2016
please bring my husband back home
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying on the cross for my sins, I am asking you in the name of Jesus to please help me with my financial problems, and my son to graduate from high school soon.

Please help me forgive my husband for his adultery so you can forgive me. Please Lord I am asking you in the name of Jesus please restore my marriage soon. I am in pain since he left in January 2016. Please Lord my kids need their father. Let him forget the lady he is with and forgive both of them.

Let my husband's heart soften toward to me Lord, please make him one of your child and let him accept you as his father and then I would like you to restore our marriage the way we were when we first lay eyes on one another.

Please bring my family back together Lord Jesus. Please work your miracle. Please hear my prayer and read it. I need you now. Please. Thank you Lord Jesus. I believe in you, you are my all and more. You are my life heavenly Father Lord Jesus and I am not giving up hope because I know you are working to bring us back together.

Let my husband only love and get eyes for me his wife only no other woman. Thank you Lord. I pray in Jesus Holy Precious Name Amen Amen Amen.

Feb 14, 2015
Marriage restoration
by: Anonymous

Please pray that my marriage to Tracy is restored that her heart softens and that she will give me another chance to cherish and protect her heart. I love my wife of 23 years and want to spend my life with her. Pray that she is not listening to influences that would have her NOT do God's will. I pray that it is His will that the marriage is restored or that I/we are given a chance to do so. If this is not His will that we both get what is beneficial for us and J. and A. I pray to accept His will and that He guides my actions.

May 31, 2013
Family union
by: Anonymous

Please pray for the unity of my family.

Jul 02, 2012
Please pray for my familty! We really need it....
by: Anonymous

Please pray for my family!!
My children are not happy and I am loosing my faith, I've been separated for 3 years an I can't get back on track. I know God is the way but I seen to lose focus...please pray...

Apr 17, 2012
Thank you for the confidence boost!
by: LEI

Thank you for boosting my confidence. Since I posted my prayer here I have seen some changes in my husband. One day when he visited he asked me if we could go to the mall. On our way out he saw the Catholic ministry signage and he asked if they were Catholic and I said yes. Honestly I just saw what was written on the signage. I searched the net for this ministry. Sought counseling from them and have been attending their prayer sessions and mass.

I opened up about tithing to my husband and he was through GODS grace started tithing for three times already. And he has gotten a prayer novena from me which he liked and put it in his wallet. God has plans for our family. I just pray that he let his healing power work on my son at least he can communicate with us. What’s nice about my son is no one gets left behind all four of us in the family should be together. Thank you for the prayers for my family. GOD BLESS!

Apr 17, 2012
My son has autism as well.
by: hello again

My son did not speak. By age 5, we took him out of school.

I say this again. My son was not speaking.

I did every thing the teachers said HE COULD NOT DO.

He hated music. SO MUSIC IT WAS. I prayed the rosary.

I was watching EWTN. They have the rosary for kids . Animated. English/spanish.

Well one day after praying this simple childs rosary, my son stood up and started to sing.

We homeschool. He is an awesome mighty man of God. He prays in English and Spanish. He is a gift from God.

I taught him at home. Now we attend mass. Your son is like Christ. Treat him as such. Mother Teresa taught that christ is in the sick, poor and elderly. I am a nurse. This is how I see my job.

Do not fear. Pray to endure.

Apr 17, 2012
Thank you
by: LEI

For those who prayed for me and my children thank you. My son has been diagnosed with severe autism and he is non verbal. I know GOd has plans for me. His will be done.

Apr 15, 2012
God loves you...
by: maria

Your husband has not accepted the forgiveness of Christ nor has repented. He is in is own personal hell and that is why he stays away.

Him being away may be a blessing so that you can pray for him, instead of engaging in arguments. It is very difficult to pray effectively when angry. It is almost most definitely would be a selfish prayer because they are hurting us and we want them to just stop the behavior.

Keep giving him bibles; rosaries; intentions…one will stick with him.

A praying wife is very powerful. Always, self-examination helps as well.

Just don’t give up. Jesus didn’t give up on the way to the cross. He is our example.

God bless you and trust that God is working in your life. Trust God.

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