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Blessed By The Holy Father

by Christian Cusi
(Philippines )

My name is Christian. I am 15 years old and from the Philippines. Ever since I was about 4 or 6, I've always wanted to become a priest. It was a vocation that startled my parents, since I was very young and irresponsible for my age to make such decisions. It was never forced on me. It all started from reading children's Bible stories, I got interested and started craving for more, and I mean MORE.

Through those years of my childhood, that vocation grew stronger and stronger every day. At this point, my parents were very supportive to my decision. Every day was a day of prayer. Every day was for Jesus and Mama Mary. It was all light...but the light to has its counterpart: darkness.

As I matured, I slowly became attached to material things. I was spoiled by my parents to buy me more religious items thinking I was becoming holy at each item bought. I prayed longer but without comfort. I thought I was better than others. It took me only until now to realize I had spiritual pride and was experiencing spiritual dryness. I learned about how the devil hates priests, especially those in-the-making. It was a long, long, long period of confusion and despair till I forgot my vocation. I thought the devil won over me.

When I graduated elementary, now going to my high school, I transferred to a new school. I still forgot about my vocation, thinking I could do bigger things than live a conservative life of dedicated service. So my first year in high school, I was new to the school and it was a Jesuit school, and I know how good the influence of the Jesuits has on the influence on the students.

Through my first year, I was exposed to various activities, especially on the religious side. Suddenly, when our school was celebrating the Birthday of Our Blessed Mama Mary and had a
mass in honor of her, I felt so light-headed and peaceful during the mass. That was when it hit me: I WANT TO CONTINUE MY VOCATION TO BECOME A PRIEST. It was through Mama Mary's intercession that I got my calling, my purpose in life. She gave me a gift on her birthday. She made me whole again.

As I grew up, I was 13 when that happened; Mama Mary gave me another beautiful grace. Somewhere in the month of April of 2012, before I went to the seminary for a observance for qualification, I dreamed I was in a beautiful church, with wondrous architecture to such perfection. Inside the church, there was a large crowd of people praying the Holy Rosary. I was finding a seat for myself in the pews but couldn't find any. Then I saw a young man in the high altar praying. Something felt different about him. When I looked again, I saw he disappeared. The crowd was still praying the Holy Rosary. Then I turned to my left and saw the late Blessed Pope John Paul II kneeling beside me. Next to him was Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Pope John Paul was wearing all white, with a red cape, and a white cap, all shining in light. Pope Benedict was wearing all white. The crowd of people disrupted their prayer to our attention. Then Pope John Paul raised his hand in blessing and said these words in a very clear voice:

"Christian, I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit".

As I left the dream-church, he was smiling at me. And that was when I noticed, I was holding a rosary too.

Thus my whole life at the moment. Truly Mama Mary intercedes for us to her Son, Jesus. Please pray for me and for my vocation. Thank you and never ever forget to pray the Holy Rosary. God bless!

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