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'AVE MARIA' Name For My House Given By Our Mother Mary

by Pushpa Christie
(Gujarat, India)

I have not been to Lourdes but I have full devotion to Our mother. I am taught by my parents from my childhood as we used to say Rosary every evening with family before dinner and going to bed.

At present I say 3 Rosary daily before going to bed.

Every year in month of August on the feast of ASSUMPTION OF OUR MOTHER MARY I do novena prayer and every year I do the same prayer from a book in my prayer every year I say, "I will try to make other people to take your name."

So this time on the last day while I was reading this prayer and when on this line I came suddenly strike me that every time I say this but until today I never did so I never asked any person to take HER name. That means I am cheating to my mother I am only saying but never did and I felt very bad and sad for not doing what I am promising to my mother.

With this thought I was feeling very uneasy and repenting feeling guilty went to sleep thinking same thing and then I heard mother saying, "Don’t worry when you make your new house you give 'AVE MARIA' name to your house so people going up and down will look at your house and say AVE MARIA thus they will salute me (as angel said this word to me ) and take my name."

I was so happy and you see we never thought how this will happen and soon after one month one of our friend called us to see the plot and when we came he said if you don’t want then I
will take but we took it. And never thought of such house, out of our imagination that type of house engineer made.

You know whenever my husband and we out of station and see good houses I will say see so nice house and my husband will say don’t dream for such house then I always used to say I don’t dream of such houses but I just praise for the builder and I praise the Lord for giving such good idea to build such good houses.

The engineer completed the house within 2 months. Our house was blessed on 25th December on Christmas day so we celebrated our Christmas in this house and since 2000 we are living in 'AVE MARIA' home and believe me it so happened as mother told me, people passing reading AVE MARIA and we have seen some are reading and bowing their head. People saw and admire our house and the name given by Our Mother Mary.

Whenever we got free we used to go to see houses and land because we wanted to make one or buy one ready-made house we never thought or dreamed such house and you see Mother gave us really a beautiful house with her name and in Christian society.

And one more thing I would like to write here that Jesus said 'Those who want to be first will be last and last will be first that also proved in our case, because we were the last one to buy the plot and our house is first on the main road like and at the entrance of our society.

This is not a story this is what happened in my life. Real one.

Hope you understand my language.

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by: Anonymous

AVE MARIA, Stories like yours binds us in faith, she always hears us and gives us a sign in the most unexpected ways, this has happened to me and I love to share with people my personal experiences with Our Loving Mother's graces and intercession.

Hail Mary
by: Anonymous

How beautiful and inspiring ..... I am amazed at the idea of mother Mary and am inspired that in future if I am blessed with a house then to name it Ave Maria.... I am so thrilled that all passerby will take her name...


by: Anonymous

Many thanks dear.
Let us we rememeber each other in our daily prayer and get blessings and strength from our Heavenly Father to enlighten the people who are gone far from Him after knowing Him and for the people who yet don't know true way of leaving life
according to His will.
God bless you.
Thanks once again.

by: Anonymous

Ave Maria

by: Steve

What a beautiful way our Mother communicated to you. AVE Maria!

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