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A Dream Of A Gold Rosary

by Maria
(Bronx, NY)

During this Advent my sister and I, and many times my fiancé, have turned to a daily praying of the Rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary as well as the Divine Chaplet. I would like to share an amazing dream I had today.

I was kneeling down in the pew of a church with very high walls, which was new to me. I saw some people were also visiting with their kids and lighting candles on the sides, some were wearing straw hats, it felt like summer, and few were kneeling down or sitting in prayer. I could see myself kneeling down, with my hand on my forehead, with my head bowing down in reverence, and praying a rosary.

Somehow, I had heard a female voice requesting that I pray three rosaries. I had in my right hand this golden rosary. Each bead that I passed though my fingers had hexagonal shapes and also I could see and palpate on my index and thumb fingers that there were letters embedded within the hexagonal shaped beads on each of the sides. I cannot make up from memory what the embedded letters on each bid looked like.

The Rosary seemed a bit heavy as it hanged from my fingers, a weight I still was sensing a couple of hours into the morning after having woken up from the dream. The consistency of the beads seemed of pure dense gold. As I woke up, I knew I was missing a third rosary and was just starting to pray in the bed.

It was such a vivid and peaceful dream. I can still remember the color and shape of this rosary.

I just wanted to share this wonderful dream, I don’t know what it means but it sure made me humble and full of happy emotions. As I got to tell my dream to my sister I got teary eyed feeling that My mother in Heaven had entrusted in my hands a golden rosary.

I am just thankful for this beautiful message.


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I dreamed of the Rosary protecting me from evil
by: angelinah

I was born and raised in Baptist church and I had bad dreams all time then I saw one of my cousins owning a rosary and it was protecting her from evil spirits in the dreams then I asked to get me one too then she told me her step father got it for her then I saw myself wearing one only mine was missing the lower part I woke up asking what that meant and my mother told me my father was a catholic before they God married I got so happy and went and got myself one and learned the prayer and I just love God for showing me such a powerful weapon against my enemies.

Three Rosaries
by: Tina

I was very touched by your words of you hearing a female voice telling you to pray three Rosaries.

As I see it if I had had the dream: One Rosary is as precious gold(spiritually far far more), so three Holy Rosaries would be three times more precious.

We often take it for granted that one Rosary is a full Rosary. But actually one Rosary of 5 decades is only one third of a full Rosary. Perhaps even 4 Rosaries after Blessed John Paul II gave us the Luminous Mysteries may be a whole.

Most important of all, I think it was in an Apparition in Medjugorje, Our Blessed Mother explained the importance of three Rosaries in the following way:if you want to prevent thieves from entering your house, you lock up all your windows(doors too of course). If you have 15 windows, it does not help locking up only 5 windows. There are still 10 windows unlocked through which thieves can enter. Of course She was talking about the windows of our soul being protected from our greatest enemy and all his temptations.

Thank you for sharing your story. Being the first of January today, I will definitely try to say 15 decades of the Holy Rosary every day from today.

Blessed and Happy New year to all.

by: Anonymous

Wow! That was Mother Mary calling you to pray, to bring you closer to Jesus, her Son. This my friend is called " GRACE!" You are blessed! Listen to Her.

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