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A Blessing From Mother Mary: A Nativity Story

by Natalie Morrison
(Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, United States)

I have been collecting Nativity Sets since I was near four years of age and often prayed the rosary. It was no surprise then that when our local youth group called A.C.T.I.O.N. decided to put together a Living Nativity for the first time in November of 2007 for the annual Christmas Tree Lighting that I immediatly volunteered to help. I was too young to join the youth group, but insisted on going to the meetings to aid in ideas and such. The day it was to take place I feel at the set-up and fractured my ankle. Needless to say I prayed very hard at the emergency room not only for myself, but for my friends that would be at the Nativity.
A year passed, and every time I prayed, I felt a push inside me that Mary was speaking to me. It was yet again time for the Living Nativity. I was fourteen years old and now allowed to join the youth group. In October that year I attended the introduction party celebrating the new youth. It was while I was at this party that Mary performed the miracle that would change my life. The director of the group came up to me and asked if I was able to help at the Living Nativity this year. I was so excited. Then she asked me to be Mary! I couldn't believe it! One of the advisors was cast as Saint Joseph. The oddest thing was one night before the Living Nativity I opened the big family Bible, the one I don't normally use because of it's size. In the back it explained different terms and people. I felt a chill when I read over a part pertaining to Mary and Joseph. The ages of Mary and Joseph in the Bible were the exact ages of the man to play Saint Joseph and me. I was in shock.
The day finally came for me to portray Mary. What I am about to say I cannot accurately say in words, nor do I expect to be believed, but there were several witnesses to this event of which I can only explain as Mother Mary and God Himself. It was small and crowded where the manger was set up, and I knelt upon the floor of the rough wooden stable with a realistic looking baby doll in my arms. As I kneeled there, a feeling of pure holiness fell upon the small room provided. Many people cried and many young children came close to listen to Mary and Joseph's story. I thought I imagined the holiness, but the following year a woman came up to me during set up and said how thick it felt, "like a glow from heaven came down and rested on the manger". This was my first time ever portraying Mary in my life, and ever since I have portrayed her at least once a year either during the Living Nativity or the Living Stations. I consider this a miracle from Mary and God, and I will remember that feeling throughout my whole life.
By the way, the man portraying Saint Joseph had been having a hard time with his life, and after we portrayed Mary and Joseph, he gave his life to Mary and joined the Franciscan Friars. Mary hears your prayers and she can change your life. Never give up hope.

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